Science thinks Twitter disconnects you from empathy? I don’t think so…

9 years ago
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Scientists would love to have you believe that social media
use (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) is making you less empathetic, less human.


Lets look at our previous forms of communication and how they affected our empathy.


TV news, newspapers and magazines, AOL’s front page, these old school forms of media are B-O-R-I-N-G.  And DEAD.

We’re creating and finding new forms of communication, based
on things that made us happy: gossip sites (that took stars off their
pedestals),  American Idol (where instant votes show that YOU have an
impact, and you can cheer or jeer with millions of members of the
family of man), and Facebook (where you can connect with all levels of
‘friends’, making connections to people with whom you share interests).


Twitter is proof there is a God, lolz.

FINALLY, a mode of communication that matches our brain
power.  It doesn’t have to be USEFUL, it matters that it matches what
my brain can handle.  We think it, we get turned on by it, we share
it.  I have nearly 3000 followers and I follow 2600 people.  I watch a
steady stream of brilliance whenever I have Tweetdeck up on my screen. 
I share stories that are meaningful to me and I find that many people
across the planet agree with me.

We live in a new world, that Twitter has illuminated.  There are no
borders.  Sure, I’m American, but Twitter has connected me with
like-minded humans in many countries.  We all give a damn about each
other, we really give a damn about our collective future.

The scientists who say quick social media dampens empathy
don’t understand the new brain…  Its capable of zillions more
connections than old educational systems, job environments and
entertainment provide to us.  Its capable of seeing and hearing from
thousands of other humans from varied backgrounds, without judgement. 
Its capable of deep empathy and action spurred from that empathy.

They’re just trying to rip Twitter, because they don’t
understand it.  Twitter is a symbol of the great hope of our future. 
That we can see and hear each other across continents, that we can give
a damn, that we can share and laugh and cry.

All in under 140 characters.

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