Science Of Gay: Cool Facts About The Genetics Of Gay Folks (INFOGRAPHIC)

3 years ago

Homosexuality has been debated a great deal for a long time now. Are they born like that? Do you become homosexual? Is it hormonal? Is it contagious? These questions are all valid ones, but people really want to get some  answers. Well, it seems that scientists have been researching and observing homosexual behaviors and the difference between straight and gay people.

Gay couple

Many people say that being gay is a "lifestyle choice" or that "they could change if they'd want to". So I thought that I could shed a little light on the matter. But the real question here is "did you choose to be straight?". And that question raises of lot of comments about sexual orientation and the choices we make.

Anyway, we shouldn't judge people because they are not like us. Moreover, whether we are straight or gay, we have the right to live our lives in peace, without constant judgments or insults from others who don't approve. We don't control whom we love any more so than control which gender that person is.

That's why I chose to put this infographic, created by, on my site so you can read about it and have  all the right facts on the subject at your disposal. The infographic below tries to explain, with scientific experiments and statistics, the genetics of gay folks. Therefore, people should try to understand the gay community as nobody should be afraid of those who are different.

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Photo credit: Alan Light / Foter / Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0)

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