Saying goodbye to our beloved Bernese Mountain dog rescue

3 years ago

Hello friends and family~


It is with heavy hearts and blurry eyes we  are sharing our heart wrenching loss of our beloved, Owen.  He left our family the same way he came into it:  suddenly and with little notice.   It was a sharp  turn of events in his health, with noticeable signs leading up to it (in hindsight), that we had to make a very painful decision this afternoon. 


Owen arrived into our lives almost six years ago.  When we met Owen at the shelter, the coordinator warned us that he was extremely anxious {pacing} and may not be able to be placed.  When I first met Owen I had two thoughts:  1. At 86 pounds he did not look like the Berners I had met or seen online.   2.  He was in desperate need of a Spaw Day. 


Eight hours after signing his adoption papers he escaped while on a bathroom break, taking the leash with him. It was a neighbor who spotted a red leash on an early morning walk with a Bernese Mountain dog attached to the other end.  It took an additional 3 hours and a Wendy’s order of French fries to get him out of my car after picking him up from the neighbor.


It would take an additional 8 weeks before he would come out of the closet for any period of time.  We told Owen repeatedly we loved him unconditionally, whether he chose to stay in or out of the closet. 


He had a few more escapes from the back yard, but ended up on the other side of the gate, sitting there waiting to be found.  One time, he found himself on the front porch and couldn’t’ figure out how to get to the backyard. Tanner was going nuts inside  and when I went to the stairs I saw Owen jumping,  in what appeared to be an attempt to ring the doorbell. 


Three in half years ago we thought Owen was dying when within weeks he had small cysts around his entire body.   The vet was equally convinced and when he received the pathology report he called the pathologist to double check the results.  Owen did not have cancer, he had a severe case of acne.  He made a remarkable recovery and we have celebrated every month with him since that day.  I hold this "gift" three years ago today as my heart aches for my best friend.


Owen stole our hearts with his big,  cow shaped eyes and his chill personality.  The kids said he was my shadow. He was never more than a dozen feet from family:  attached to my hip until the very end.   I told friends and family that if I had to choose between saving Owen or my {first} husband, Owen would be living the good life.  And, I love my {first} husband for knowing his place in our relationship.    


I joked with the kids today that Owen lasted until he knew Momma had mastered QuickBooks, Ashley had returned from Europe, and the boys  were set with old and new friendships and a summer filled with fun and sports.   


Not knowing Owen’s diagnosis, but sensing his lack of appetite suggested something more than a virus, he spent his last evening watching our son  play lacrosse at a city park filled with oak trees  and a family  with an open cooler that proved too tempting for Owen to ignore.    


We love you Owen, Big O, O-Dog to the moon and back.  You have our hearts and you gave us yours.  We are better people, siblings, spouses and family because of you.  We are going to be okay!  Tanner  will bury your bones for you! 




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