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5 years ago

NaBloPoMo Nov 2, Day 2:

Every day in November, I’ll be participating in NaBloPoMo by posting on my TouchstoneZ blog and here on BlogHer. The former will be writing whatever I come up with. The latter will be using the BlogHer prompts (unless I really get stumped…)

BlogHer prompt: If you knew that whatever you ate next would be your last meal, what would you want it to be?

My meal is to be experienced. Some of it is given to me in raw materials and some of it I create myself.

This meal is all there is. The past and the future dishes are served up by my mind.

When presented with my last meal, it is real. The ingredients are all there for me to choose how to cook. My job in preparing and partaking is to be with my meal.

It might be underdone or burnt to my taste. It might be too rich or unsatisfying. I might find it bland or too heavily spiced. But since this is my last meal, I would ask myself whether I want to be attached to how I wish this meal could be rather than how it is. If I’m always looking at the lack, I would never be open to seeing the abundance. After all, I’m not getting another chance at this meal. This is it.

This meal might be exactly what I want. I might have moments of such deliciousness that I get lost in them. I might have moments of such distaste that I pause in eating and need to refresh my palate.

If this is my last meal, this will also be the last time I will experience burning, spice, richness, etc. I would want to be present with these feelings. I would want to accept them and not spend the time worrying about why I know this is my last meal or thinking of past meals that were differently flavored.

It is okay for me to have these feelings about my meal. Feelings are normal and they will naturally arise. There’s nothing wrong with feeling unsatisfied looking at my plate. The point is, I can choose whether to react to my feelings or not. I don’t dismiss or ignore the feelings, I lift my glass in toast to them, as they walk on by to be replaced shortly after with another.

I would not want to wish for someone else’s meal when I have my own very real dish in front of me.

If I’m truly lucky, my meal will include engaging dinner guests whom I love and who love me. Eating a meal is always best shared. Some of my dinner guests might be eating directly from my plate. Some may take from my plate onto their own and create a new meal just for them to enjoy. Some might stay for the entire meal. And some might join me just for dessert or coffee. Some may wave as they pass by my table. I wish all of them their favorite flavors.

I want to smell and look at the food on my plate. I want to slowly cut with my knife and observe all of the movements of my body as I raise my fork to my mouth and take a bite. I want to chew gently, feeling the rush of saliva as the taste moves through my mouth. I want to look around the table at the faces I love, knowing that this has been a meal fully enjoyed.

Every exquisite bite will never be tasted again in exactly the same way.


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