Living Nicely: Saving Grace

9 years ago

Fresh starts in an empty nest, having to face a new definition of my
Life…face regrets: shoulda, coulda, woulda’s…wanna ride in the wayback
machine! Wish I could go Wayback and fix things. But the reality smacks
hard and at some point you realize: This is It! Life is not a dress
rehearsal, as its been said…But before the final curtain, the final
bow, I know its now or never for me. I’ve schemed and dreamed away too
much time and it’s catching up and trying to pass me by. My saving
grace…the realization of all of this! The joy I feel when I open my
eyes in the morning and say hi, God, thanks for another day…

I spent some years in a haze, that’s why I sense an urgent need to
make up for the lost time. I’ve seen others searching and reaching for
answers, like they’re looking for a lifeline, someone to throw them a
rope, save them from themselves. Sadly, there’s no one, just you, and
your made-up mind to do it yourself!

I talked to a friend the other night, she’s in her 60’s, crying for
love lost, and wondering what’s left for her…not an unusual scenario
for alot of women these days, told her some things that were easy for
me to say, I have someone…but I really do believe what I told her- Make
it about you, find your interests, do something different, go with an
eco group for a walk, birdwatch, meet the author night at the local
library…don’t look for someone, find yourself first. The art of being
alone, is first to learn not to be lonely!

Find the inner peace that exists in knowing that we are never truly
alone…aside from your preferred spiritual being, there are the thoughts
and memories of better times to warm your heart and give you sustenance
in times of difficulty. “Take me to my happy place!”, so to
speak…That’s what I consider “living nicely”…It’s why I smile and speak
to cashiers and customer service people as if they are my friends…stop
to help an elderly person struggling with a door or packages, strike up
a conversation in a waiting room with a stranger, It’s a moment of time
given without conviction or restriction, that will make you feel good
about the planet and yourself…and remind you that you don’t have to be

So though my nest is empty, and I know someday I may not have my
partner, I will sustain myself with knowledge, memories, and the
goodness of the world around me- Something I can never get enough of!


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