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4 years ago

  According to the department of energy, every time we drive over 60 mph you lose 25 cents per gallons of gas on every 5 miles you travel. So today my friends I'm going to try and make it a little easier to save gas just follow my advice and let’s see how much you can save.

  I don't know about you but gas prices these days give me nightmares. If it wasn't for going to work, school, travel, or even taking our kids to school most of us would probably put our vehicles in the garage and neglect them. The sad truth of us needing our cars to move about and pay for those dreadful gas prices, makes me sick. But today my friends hopefully these tips of advice will help you even if a little bit that's damn sure better than nothing right?

  The first thing I want to talk about is, driving slower now being the lead-foot driver that I am, I know I'm not that fond of this. With that aside it’s a proven fact that if you drive fast this will increase the drag or turbulence and thus increase your fuel desolation. With that being said I just cannot bring myself to drive below the legal speed limit. But it’s your choice, there's not really that much difference between 60 and 65 mph in the terms of gas.

  Now close your windows, I know what you’re thinking how on earth can this help me save on gas well it’s very simple actually. Believe or not opening your windows will increase the turbulence and eventually cost you fuel.

  Reduce weight, this one should be more common sense. If you reduce your weight such as emptying out your trunk and removing any spare tires or car lift that you may have. So doing this will reduce the weight making it easier for your car to move and not have to work as hard to pull whatever may be in your trunk that includes dead bodies (joke).

  Drafting, this one is most excellent for those who travel long distances, this requires just a bit of skill and is not exactly recommended, since you should be paying attention to the road. We all know that most people who read just don't. Aside from all that this is probably one of the best fuel saving "secrets" that I can give you. This technique is mostly used by race car drivers to gain speed and truck convoys to save fuel. Every car has a certain amount of drag or wind resistance. This drag is the rolling resistance of your tires. Pick a better route or avoid heavy traffic and a lot of traffic lights, the shorter route is not always the best for fuel efficiency if you have to stop frequently.

 Check your Air Filter, 1 out 4 cars needs an air filter replacement, with a new and clean air filter this can improve your gas mileage up to as much as 10%. The cost savings for this is up to 20 cents per gallon. Get it Straight, poor alignment can not only cause your tires to wear down fast but also this forces your engine to work twice as much this could save you up to 10%. Another words you could save 20% per gallon.

Check you’re Gas Cap, if you can believe it or not it has been estimated that just about 17% of cars on the road have either been broken or missing gas caps. I know you’re thinking so what’s the big deal anyways? The big deal is that your gas fumes are not only hurting the fuel economy but also hurting the environment. Avoid polluting the air and you could save 1 cent per gallon.

Start driving more smoothly, Avoiding jack rabbits, starts and stops, plus heavy-jerking will improve the fuel economy. Lousy driving on the highway can add just about 1/3 to your gas bill. Doing this can save as much as 66 cents per gallon.

Easy now lay off the brakes man, driving with your foot on the brake pedal will not only wear your brake pads down which in the long run will cost maintenance, but this can also increase your gas usage by as much as 35%. This can also say you up to 70 cents per gallon.

  Do not Idle, besides the fact that idling causes air pollution if you are stopped for more than 30 seconds turn off the engine and don't even bother warming up the car before you drive it, it’s not really necessary. Doing this can save you 1 cent per gallon for every minute you avoid to idle.

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