The Salem Witch Trials Come To Mind

5 years ago

If anyone had ever told me that in the year 2012 there would be a radical assult on Women's rights and what we can and cannot do with OUR bodies, I would have told them they were crazy. Yet here we are. I think back to the Salem witch trials of long ago, is this so different? Everyday in the media there are more and more reports about what white conserative men think women should be allowed to do and not do with our bodies. The right wing conserative machine has become one of lunacy and hatred all directed at women and gay people. All in the name of what they believe the bible says. They say they want to bring back the so called values that this country was built upon. I do not recall ever reading or being taught that this country was built on hatred and discrimination.

I am sickened on a daily basis by the statements being made by the likes of Romney, Santorium and Limbaugh. Shame on them and shame on those who drink their vitriolic kool aide and who buy into their false representation of what faith and Christianity is all about. They are so fearful of losing their power and falling off their towers built on lies and control of the weak and uninformed. Opression is their message, opression of all that are not like them. Now is the time for all women to align together and take control of our rights, our bodies and our next election. We are not going away and we will not be bullied.


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