Is that Sale Price REALLY a Good Deal?

3 years ago

SalePriceWith the economy the way it is, food prices higher than ever and budgets stretched ever tighter... most people realize that they need to do something to help bring their food costs under control. So, with the best of intentions, you clip coupons and watch the sales ads for your local grocery stores... but did you know that you don't always get the best price possible? In fact, the grocery stores know that people are so programmed to read the sales prices and assume that they are good deals that sometimes they just list their regularly priced products right in with the actual sales! And while that coupon very well may be a good one, if you're saving 25¢ on a brand of ketchup that costs $1 more... you're not really saving.

So, How Do You Know if that "Sale Price" is REALLY a Good Deal?

Well, first, let's look at some results from yesterday's poll. I know this isn't scientific and it's only one day's worth of voting... but... most people are at the bottom end of the spending results... either by effort or because they simply don't have any more than that to spend.


Out of 28 votes, 22 of them were either in the "Low-Cost", "Thrifty" or "We don't even spend as much as the Thrifty plan" categories. Obviously, people are working hard to squeeze the most out of their food budgets! (Don't know what those categories mean? Read yesterday's post: How Much Do You Spend on Groceries?)

So, if you can't trust that the coupons will get you the best price... and you can't trust that the sales flyers are giving you all the best deals... how do you know that you are getting the lowest possible price on your groceries?

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