The role of suffering in your way to Enlightenment

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These degenerate times,

In these times of war and famine and violence and strife, we all need to realize that there are only a few basic points that will render us sane. 

They can be called and attributed to Buddha Dharma, but anyone who is sane in any religion has already discovered this to be the truth. 

At the beginning of any enlightenment journey there is a deep and profound realization that all life is suffering, when we go deeply into understanding suffering and its nature we really understand just how related we are and how connected we are with the understanding of communal pain we can then begin to awaken.

Once we can see how all around us, the joys and the pains are suffering we can embrace them more fully into our life and hold them dear and close to our heart.

Those who are not ignorant will want to explore this further, many traditions like Islam, Christianity and Judaism talk about suffering and ways to alleviate suffering. 

We then begin to alleviate suffering. 

When we go into alleviating suffering some discover that they do not have a right set of tools to deal with what they are dealing with. They muck around other people’s lives and call that healing, why? Because they are ignorant have aversions that are not transparent to them yet, and have attachments to all the wrong things. 

Every major religion in this world will agree that attachments to wrong things are called the wrong view and the wrong views point us deeper into ignorance and further away from our true salvation. 

We already know that the reasons for our suffering are Karmic and Judaism is one of the first religions to point you in that direction, Christianity deeply reflects that view in sharing how the ways of the God are mysterious and not understood by the limited human mind.

So now we really must examine the authenticity of our role in life. What kind of relationship we have to living and suffering. When we know that all life is suffering what do we uncover in the intimacy of our hearts and in the inner relationship to our selves and our sisters and brothers. 

These are the issues that we may only discuss with our Kalyanamitra, and Tibetan Buddhism and many many Buddha Dharma centres in the world point us towards this wisdom.

You can find out and read my article about how to really discover and know who is a good teacher (aka: Kalyanamitra) 

With our true teacher we discover together that the right path is necessary. The teacher is kind and compassionate and always knowing. In that state of realization of suffering we know that only our right practice and right livelihood will be the beginning of salvation. We still need to get used to the eight-fold-path and make friends with the suffering that exists in each moment.

The path is both the refuge and a gentle guide through our pains. For example we discover how wisdom can be applied properly and inappropriately and how we can use it for god or for bad. It sounds so simple, like a child could understand this, but really the application of common sense in our humanity is deeply undervalued. We can see that in the excessive consumerism and the needless killings that happen in the world. 

Suffering is everywhere. 

Rev. Dr. Karma Sonan Wangmo  


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