Rohtak, the Unexplored Historical Destination

9 months ago

Jaipur is among the most popular tourist places in India, located at 268 kms from Delhi. It is known for its historical monuments, bustling bazaars and rich culture. If you are a history buff and planning to travel from Delhi to Jaipur we recommend you take a detour by taking a day’s halt at Rohtak in Haryana. Rohtak is slightly off the way from the shortest route to Jaipur but it is worth visiting because of its ancient and fascinating sites. You will also love the non touristy and raw feel of town as it is not a very popular tourist place. When you are booking Delhi to Jaipur car rental, you can include a trip to Rohtak in your itinerary.  Don’t forget to relish the pure dairy products in Rohtak, while enjoying the sightseeing tour.


The site has yielded the traces of the ancient period, 3500-2000 BC, including early Harappan, Harappan, late Harappan, and early historical wares. The relics of the early Harappan culture, 3500-2600 BC, is characterised by pottery and dwellings tradition similar to Bhirrana. The period 2500-200 BC is characterized by a well-planned habitation belonging to the Harappan culture. The excavations have yielded typical Harappan pottery, a unicorn sealing, pictographic script, copper spear-heads, arrow-heads, bangles, triangular and circular cakes; beads of bone, and other semi-precious stones. Apart from this, seven human burials were found and these belong to different ways of the burial systems of that era. These include ornaments in the form of beads and funeral pottery. The site is situated in the Farmana village of Rohtak district and makes for a fascinating visit for history lovers and students alike.


The ancient excavation site, locally known as Khokhrakot, is associated with the historical town of Rohitika, the present day name is derived from its ancient name. This place was the capital of Yaudheya Republic. The excavations have yielded coins, sculptures, terracotta figurines and other objects from the period between 8th century BC to 11th century AD.  The site also finds mention in the great epic Mahabharata. Some pottery found at this site, belongs to class of objects associated with epic age, is the testimony of its ancient dwellings.


It is situated 7 kms from Rohtak city on Rohtak-Delhi highway. This place is known for its math and ancient sculptured stone idols. At present there is an Ayurvedic college, charity hospital, MBA Institute, engineering college and other institutions being run by the math.


It is located in the Meham district of Rohtak. This baoli, meaning water tank with a well, was built in 1659 AD and is popularly known as Choronkibaoli. This baoli is one of the finest preserved preserved in Haryana. As per the inscription on the well, it was built by Saidu Kala, an employee of Emperor Shah Jahan. It is a large structure of bricks and has 101 steps, separated by landings and leading to the water reservoir.

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