In Rocky Times, These 4 Essentials to Creating Success are More Important Than Ever

5 years ago

The roads are rockier than ever when it comes to going after your dreams, reinventing your career, starting your own business, or making a big change in your life. How can you keep rolling down the highway and keep on course?

There's no one, silver bullet answer to that question. Everyone has a slightly different circumstance with unique details and challenges. But, there are some proven overall approaches that can definitely help you stay on course (and avoid the ditch).

Like the Bodacious Success Blueprint. This is an approach I've adapted from Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill , a breakthrough book sharing the results of what made over 500 people of this time a huge success. Always in the pursuit of making things more fun and memorable, my version of Hill's approach to success is to have a Dream, Scheme, Teflon and Velcro.

Dream: Not an airy-fairy, oh wouldn't that be nice, kind of dream. We're talking about a dream that's so clear and so compelling that you just must figure out how to make it happen. One that Napoleon Hill says has a clear, definite purpose backed by a burning desire for its fulfillment. You will need that level of clarity and conviction to keep keepin' on when the journey is tough.

Scheme: Your dream gets you excited and motivated. A scheme starts turning your dream into reality. Shooting from the hip has its moments and intuition is great. But, nothing replaces planning. Planning sounds boring, but scheming sounds like fun, doesn't it? Your scheme needs to be a detailed enough plan that gets you moving and gives you a good idea of the next set of steps you need to take. Once you create even the start of a scheme, start to implement it. Get going to nurture your excitement and courage. Making a dream come true takes lots of small and large actions over time.

When you don't know what should be in your scheme, start by some investigative dream research. Others have already done what you want to do or near to it, so use the internet to learn from these people. Search for articles, videos, radio show interviews and more to learn how others have accomplished what you are trying to do.

Tap into your people network as well. Ask if anyone knows of a person who has reached a dream similar to yours. "Do you know anyone who has started their own cupcake business? Can you introduce to me anyone you know who has achieve the VP management ranks of a corporation?" Reach out to these people, let them know about your dream, and ask them how they got started. Many will be flattered and happy to share their experiences.

Teflon and Velcro: Overall, it's essential that you get comfortable with the uncomfortable. Expect the process to be a little bumpy and be okay with a period of increased uncertainty. Too often we want to speed things up or are willing to settle for less simply to ease our emotional discomfort.

Teflon coating and Velcro friends are essential for hanging in there while we work though the change process. Unfortunately, many people in our lives don't believe we can make a successful change or, worse, they are hoping or waiting for us to fail. Like an egg on Teflon, let the criticisms of nay-sayers and non-believers of your dream slide right off.

Instead, allow a handful of Velcro friends support and believe in you. It's essential that you have 3 or 4 like-minded friends who are also going after their dreams or making a significant change in their lives. It's with these people that you can find solace for tough moments, brainstorm problems, and celebrate wins, which you need to keep your dream alive.

Sound too simple? At first glance, the Bodacious Success Blueprint might seem too simple and straightforward. But, if you've ever made a big career transition, if you've ever lost your initial enthusiasm for your business, if you've ever felt like you're doing a lot of activity but getting nowhere, if you've ever had a friend or family member criticize your efforts, if you've ever felt all alone in your dreams, then you know the power of this blueprint.

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