Rockin' The Sperrys

4 years ago

Remember when Oprah used to do makeover shows? Sigh. Those were the days. I loved Oprah and her makeover shows. They were the best.

Oprah's team would take some poor, decade impaired audience member and give her a whole new look: updated hair, clothing, and accessories. You know, The Works. Normally the fashion overhaul made the poor, decade impaired lady look years younger than she did before the makeover.

The power of a hip new pair of eyeglasses is astounding.

Oh hons. Those poor Before ladies. Some of those women had been sporting the same look for years. Decades even. It's like they picked a "look" in junior high and kinda stuck with it. Let's be honest here: few things are more disturbing than a fifty year old wearing scuffed up saddle shoes and a poodle skirt to work everyday.

(Unless, of course, she works at a 50s themed diner. Then it is acceptable, encouraged even. But people, this is rare.)

I got to thinking about what makes people get stuck in a particular decade. Actually, I devoted quite a bit of time pondering this concept yesterday because I happened to be stuck behind a gaggle of slow walking ladies at the mall. A gaggle of ladies who clearly haven't purchased t-shirts since 1976.

And I know this because one of them was wearing an original Lynyrd Skynyrd "Gimme Back My Bullets" concert t-shirt coupled with a pair of very faded, very flared Sassoon jeans.

Was 1976 the highlight of this woman's life? So much so that she hasn't changed her look in almost thirty years? Really? Lynyrd Skynyrd's tour was important enough to still be wearing the t-shirt in 2013? To be fair, she was sporting some decent 2013 hair, although a part of me really wanted her to be rocking some groovy mid-70s hair. Something terrific, you know, like Farrah Fawcett or Carol Brady.

Okay, not all of this woman's sense of style was on the fritz, just her wardrobe. Let's say that she's not one hundred percent afflicted, merely eighty-five percent.

Just as I was mentally tsk-tsking this woman and declaring her wardrobe to be stuck in another decade, it occurred to me what I was wearing: a bright lime green t-shirt, Levi's, tortoise shell Wayfarers and a pair of Sperry topsiders. And I probably should mention that I was at the mall to buy a new pair of Sperrys (leopard print) (so adorable!).

Oops ... I shouldn't be mentally tsk-tsking anyone about being a member of the decade impaired because it looks as though I am the president of that club. Evidently I, too, picked a look in junior high and have stuck with it for twenty-five years. Perhaps I need an Oprah show makeover.

And I do love a makeover show. The impact that a new 'do and some updated clothes has on a person is incredible. Who knew the power of highlights or a sparkly belt could have?

Plus, some of the makeovers had amazing results. Those people looked sensational. Others … Well. You be the judge.

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Poor Russell. It's okay, Oprah. One mistake in twenty-five years of makeovers isn't too bad, but I think I'll keep on rockin' my Sperrys for awhile.

Leopard Sperry's

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