River, Lake, Ocean, or Pool: What's Your Favorite?

4 years ago

So the conversation started innocently enough: Four of us from the BlogHer.com team were discussing our upcoming summer vacations, making sure they didn't overlap (especially since part of our summer is dedicated to the buildup toward BlogHer '13!). Julie was talking about her planned weekend camping trips--and how much she can't wait to get on the water, meaning on a river in a canoe. A fellow outdoorswoman, I agree with Julie: Lakes and rivers are my catnip, preferably in the mountains. Denise scoffed: For her, the only summer vacation and the only body of water that counts as true summer fun is an ocean, with a beach, and allllll that sand--best of all if she can get to Hawaii to visit her grandson Johnny Mac Pippin.

"I like the beach, too," said Rita (who lives in Missouri), innocently enough. And suddenly? It was game on!

"That's not a beach. You don't go to the beach," said Denise. "The only beaches that are beaches are at the ocean. Lakes don't have beaches."

"I always wondered about that," I said. "All the talk of summer fun at beaches and... how many Americans have beaches?"

"Oceans are the only water that counts," Denise said. "If you're in a lake? You're in a bathtub. Nothing better than a bathtub."

Images: Swimming pool, canoes on the river, beach loungers, mountain lake, via Shutterstock.

Huh. Well now Julie and I were on the defense, too.

"Clear, cool, refreshing water! Water that you can dive into," said Julie.

"And that holds you in nature's embrace," I added, always one for overflorid language. "At the beach, all I feel is cranky; all I see is trash and trashcans and miles of people blanket to blanket. I want to be alone with my water. And no powerboats. The noise and the wake destroys everything."

Rita jumped in, painting a word picture of warm communities and cool water... on a beach, with sand. Even if she's at a lake. And she loves watercraft: the louder and splashier, the better.

“That’s well and good, but only the ocean gives you that sense of being at the edge of the earth,” Denise said. “Best when you aren’t also in a sea of humanity, sure, but still, there’s that connection.”

“Actually, I’m not THAT picky,” Julie added. “I’d take a swimming pool. If anyone’s handing them out. I also really LIKE bathtubs.”

So clearly, there are strong passions about what constitutes the best kind of summer water fun. Won't you please weigh in and tell us which is your favorite? And defend it in the comments, please. I have a feeling this conversation isn't over, at least in the BlogHer offices, and Julie, Denise, Rita and I need some more fuel for the campfire.

What's your favorite body of water for summer fun?

Next, the burning question of the week: What are your feelings on motorized watercraft? Do you love to water-ski, or hate the noise? Share your opinion by clicking on the Swipp smiley face and moving the slider to give your score, then pressing the Swipp It button to enter your rating.

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