Risking it all to start a business and other habits of an entreprenuer....

Stricking out on your own and starting a business can be risky business.  Leaving behind the umbrella of security that comes with having a separate entity write your paycheck is scary!  So what is the driving force behind making such a move?  Why jump from the known to the unknown, jumping ship as you clinch a small life vest? To complicate the move, the statistics aren't on your side.  Statistics show that 8 ouf of 10 start-up businesses don't make it past year #3.  So, the question remains...why start your own business?

 I'm close to severing my ties with my current job and stepping into the world of true entrepreneurship.  This is a liberating experience that is certainly without its share of doubt and worry.  Making the decision to open a coffee shop was easy.  The process to make that decision reality was something else all together.  Many hours of research and developing a sound marketing and business plan were a starting point.  After that, securing funding for needed construction, property development, equipment and other start-up costs come into play.

This process begain in 2006, and we are now entering our third year of business.  I woudn't say we've hit the big time just yet.  We still have loans to pay, a morgage and employees to manage.  But it does get easier each year.  The first year read something like a snippett from the "Good, Bad and the Ugly", but we've now transitioned to a milder version of chaos. 

The main reason for starting this business was simple.  I hated my job.  I complained on a daily basis.  I had the drive to open my own business.  That's the bottom line.  Being able to work hard, think smart and follow-through on what you plan to do is essential.  Trusting yourself, sticking to a plan and taking one step after the next is part of it.  If you are a dreamer and have great intentions, that's good.  If you can write a plan and start executing that plan, then your ready to start.  Follow my blog as I take you and myself through the journey that got me here and onto the next step of business ownership.  The joys do outway the discomforts...and I make my own schedule:-)  But you'll never know until you start. 

Robin Spooner

StoneHouse Coffee Co, LLC


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