Resolution #FAIL

6 years ago

So here it is -- a full week into February and I haven't made good on my New Year's resolution.  Can anyone out there relate???

To be quite honest, my #fail stems back from a couple of months prior to the onset of 2012.

Last year I took part in a 6-month course ~ a Leadership Training where I was "invited" to take on a project.  It seemed natural in the beginning of the course that Playful Planet was my 'project.'  I mean, it fills up huge amounts of time, energy and I am totally committed to seeing our mission succeed in the world.

However, as the Leadership Training went on, I had a realization that the 'project' I wanted to take on was more personal than the big picture of Playful Planet.  It had to do with the fact that there are some days that I find myself thinking "WHO AM I, to be this proponent of healthy, sustainable lifestyles, when I am just as apt as the next person to give in to the demands for 'treats,' or 'prizes' or just simple over consumptive behaviors??!!??"  And then I realized, I have never put myself on a pedestal as having all the answers or living the perfect life.  In fact, I often say, I am the perfect Playful Planet audience member.  My heart is in the right place -- I realize there must be a 'better way,' AND I am often overwhelmed with the thought of making the changes in my lifestyle or in my families lifestyle that would help me to feel more in integrity with the stated Playful Planet mission.

Thus, the idea for my 'project' was born.  I would give a personal look into how I was implementing changes for myself and my family.  I thought that short vlogs would be a good medium for that.  So that was my commitment.  And I chose the beginning of the year to start it.   And I filmed by first vlog entry (actually on two different occasions.)  And then I got tripped up by my inability to figure out how to get the video onto the Playful Planet channel on YouTube.  So my first entry sits on my computer for no one else to see.  I keep telling myself I will take the time to figure out the YouTube thing "this week," and then that time doesn't seem to happen.

Which is why I am writing about this now, because for the entire time that I have been 'working on' the vlog, I have let my blog sit idle.

I am thinking that a public declaration may help motivate me to figure this thing out!

Stay Playful, Karen

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