The Renaissance Club

5 years ago

Ten years ago when I was deeply immersed in a new community with a challenging job and very little time to explore my own interests, I began The Renaissance Club.

It wasn't much of a club because I was the only member until I called it a Secret Club whose membership can only grow through word of mouth.  Somehow, those elements made it kinda fun.

The vision of the club?

To be like a Renaissance person - to be well rounded.

The goal?

To do just one thing each day outside of your normal hum drum.

This one thing could be talking on the phone to an old friend, writing a thank-you note, cooking a new recipe, going for a walk, practicing an instrument, shopping, stretching, singing out loud in the shower...

It could be anything as long as it wasn't part of your regular routine. I suppose it could also be playing a harder piece of music if you already practiced everyday.  The main idea was to become more intentional or just more aware of what we (I) do every day to enrich our lives.

It was good.  I remember jotting down on the calendar the things I did and some of the best Renaissance days were the simple things like talking to my Mom on the phone.

And there were other things I did like sign up for a karate class.  I didn't stick with it, but I went!  And that right there counts for something because it was outside of my normal routine, my normal comfort zone and it got me that much closer to someday trying it again (or not).

So as I see myself waking up early and exercising more easily and secretly preparing to enter the community triathlon, I also see myself feeling better and happier.  My clothes match my personality a bit better.  My body isn't scared of an afternoon hike (nor my mind.  I just feel more confident and more alive.

And I think back to how I was feeling at the beginning of the year.

Losing weight was really THE thing holding me back.  But it wasn't always.  I carried around the weight for a long time and enjoyed life and built relationships and added good to the world.  I decorated my home and baked good things and cultivated friendships.  All things in their own time - sometimes with a lot of effort, but in their own time if they are to be.

So, I guess I'd like to share that there is this secret club out there, where membership is spread word of mouth, and the only goal of the club is to do something outside of one's normal hum drum. 

Smiling - it could even be trying a new type of coffee!



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