Reluctantly adding to the Newton conversation

5 years ago

Anyone who knows me knows I'm a social media addict. I post multiple times a day on Facebook and Twitter for both personal and professional reasons, and I write/blog for a couple online sites as well. Wasn't really sure if anything other than my family could make me take a step back, but hearing the news of the school shooting in Newton, CT did big time.

I can't be one of those people who post names and pictures of the victims. I don't want to see them. My brain sees this tragedy as too painful and wants to block it out as much as possible. I have been accessing Facebook from my phone all weekend because it's faster to scroll past all the posts and pictures and shared items. I don't want to see it, and I feel terrbile for the friends and family members of the vitcims who are forced to live in practically an Amish state because the television, radio, computer, and printed publications don't know when and where to stop. I can understand a bunch of posts on Friday and even a little on Saturday, but now it's time to start scaling back on the gun arguments, ten million pictures of candles burning, and the misinformation being put out every few minutes.

And there lies the big thing that is infuriating me enough to write; the misinformation.

I have no interest in reposting other blogs about 'being the shooter's mother." And to whoever wrote that, while I greatly sympathize with your struggle, you have no idea what that mother was like and what she personally dealt with, and you should save judgment of her and trying to connect with her until you do. Oh wait, that's right, she's not here to tell you, which makes what you wrote even worse. Same goes for the mother of every other shooter you named in that article. You wouldn't be happy if anyone presumed to know all about how you handle your child, why are you doing it to these women?

And for those of you on Facebook quoting Morgan Freeman? He didn't say anything about not naming the shooter or whatever else was in that post. A guy from Vancouver made it up. While what was said was very likely spot on, a heads-up for next time: When you see a quote like that attributed to someone famous, chances are it's actually from some guy on a laptop in his Mom's basement. Sad you can't think that highly of Hollywood anymore.

If it makes you feel better though, the quote from Mr. Rogers is 100% authentic. Go nuts with that one.

Bloggers and social media hacks are nothing however compared to the actual journalistic press. All three major networks proved they couldn't count, they shoved cameras and microphones in the face of little kids who just came out of a building where someone killed their fellow schoolmates, and newspaper editors everywhere allowed pieces of garbage journalism like this example from the New York Post to be published without checking any facts. The media also blamed a disorder that affects 1 in 88 children, including my younger son, for the henious act that occured. If autism really causes an individual to shoot massive amounts of people, then our society should be ducking bullets every time they walk out the front door.

It's okay to be sad about what happened at Sandy Hook Elementary School. It's okay to grieve and be angy and ask why. It's okay to want to lift up the families of the victims, and even the family of the shooter, and pray they somehow manage to find comfort somewhere in all of this. And yes it's even okay to question gun laws or what assistance exists, or should I say why it severely lacks, for those who are suffering from a mental illness. Just when reading social and news media, keep your wits about you. Know when to question some of the things coming out. Wait for actual facts to surface. Don't be quick to blame any disability, and instead of putting up pictures of candles, post the petition to get the Westboro Baptist Church classified as a hate group instead. They plan to picket the funerals of the young shooting victims as they happen.

There is no rhyme or reason as to why this happened. Evil is real and it exists in our world. Just remember for every evil person like the one who gunned these children down, there are thousands more who would have jumped in front to save them. There is still good. Celebrate it.

Now please excuse me while I find Morgan Freeman to hug.



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