Rehtaeh Parsons Case, Stephen Harper & Friday Wrap-Up

4 years ago
  • I'm not a Stephen Harper fan but I will say that I am proud of his stance, so far, on bullying and the changes that need to be made. Link to CBC news story of the case. This is in response to the death of Rehtaeh Parsons, another unfortunate case of a teen committing suicide, in part because of bullying. (Click on her name for a blog entry by her father, Glen Canning) Rehtaeh 17, from Nova Scotia was at the time of her assault 15. She was drinking and later, sexually assaulted by 4 teenage boys. She was then was bullied by students at her school, because pictures of the rape were passed around. Law enforcement has not investigated these boys but the case is finally being "looked" into. Hopefully with the uproar from the country that will change soon. (Links may not work in all countries.)
  • When I was growing up youth were often protected from the law because of their age. They could and do commit adult acts but often had zero or minor consequences for their heinous actions. They would boost and still do, about what they could get away with because the law couldn't touch them.

If you can commit an act, that harms a being consequences will occur and you should be prepared for that. Too bad if it ruins your future employment choices, post-secondary school options or even being able to travel abroad. Teenagers brains are not fully developed but they are developed enough to know the difference between right and wrong. And of course what they are taught by their parents/guardians. Youth is not an excuse.

  • I was a teenager, not that long ago, and I knew what was right & what was wrong. These teenagers knew that raping someone is wrong, but they chose to do it anyway. They knew distributing the pictures was wrong but they chose to do it anyway. The school officials chose to turn the other cheek when they found out what was going on. They were dead wrong.

Children, adults all choosing to do the wrong thing, to turn the other cheek. Blaming the victim, I'm sure, saying that she deserved it. Devaluing females because even in a western nation, women in general are still considered second-class citizens. Not worthy of the rights, protection and respect that males get. This world as a long way to go.

  • We condemn India, China, Africa in the news for how horribly they treat women, when Canada and the US are doing no better. I'll be honest and say that I am one of the people to condemn other countries for their treatment of women. That won't change anytime soon but my country is a mess as well.
  • A child was assaulted and the authorities did nothing until her death, which brought the case to the attention of our Prime Minister. That is a disgusting and embarrassing. Protest, write letters, talk to your politicians, speak up. We can make changes if we keep on the backs of politicians and law enforcement.

I still have no intention of voting for Stephen Harper but he now has 2 good points, in my book. 1st, he's into rescuing/fostering animals, especially cats. Bonus. 2nd, bullying is not just childhood antics. It's a criminal offense. Lets hope he can put his words into action and change within our legal system.


  • I'm glad that the weekend is almost here. Although I don't really no why, because I always end of doing some kind of editing or not so fun chore, instead of relaxing. It's rare that the computer isn't turned on or pages aren't turned. I rarely get to read for pleasure or work on a crafty project. But that's something that I have to make a priority, at least 1 day of the weekend. Turn my brain off. :)

I hope everyone has a great weekend! Appreciate and value your fellow human being and try to do the right thing. That's all I'm really trying to say.

I cave once in a while

Till next time,


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