Reeling it in

4 years ago

So I've been away for over two years now, and all this while it has been a very busy two years indeed. I've graduated from university and found my way to a job as an engineer in California and now I’m truly out in the big bad world fending for myself far away from mommy and daddy, trying to stand up on my own legs and make some lemonade out of these few lemons God has given me.

I still think of the days and nights spent at the university, all I can remember is staring at computer screens all the time. Although it was four long years, it went past me so fast; I don't think I can remember any particularly important event from then except tests and finals. One constant that has carried over from school to my workplace is the sex ratio; it is skewed in the worst way possible. In school as an engineering student, I did expect to see fewer girls in my class, and that was true, but it wasn't an overwhelming majority for the boys. Here at work, it is appalling. In my team of 50 people, there are 5 women! 

It isn't any sort of gender profiling by the interviewers or HR, rather it is because of fewer girls applying to these jobs. I see my seniors interview candidates regularly, and I see way more guys than I do girls. The rate at which boys and girls get the job is about the same, the difference has to be the number applying in the first place.

However that being said, I must maintain that being a girl in the workplace has its advantages. People will go out of their way to make sure I get home on time, if there is something pending and I'm working late, my manager will make sure that I call a cab and will reimburse the fare. This is true for male employees too, but it is just that I can see that the others try to take care of me (or that may be because I'm the youngest on the team (: )

Life as a single girl in California can be challenging sometimes, especially because I don't own a car yet. I depend on some girl friends to help me out from time to time. I don't have to worry about groceries as the department store is right next to home and getting to work is easy too as the bus service around my area is pretty good. Having said that, I must confess that the reason I don't have a car is because I don't know how to drive (yet) I've been taking classes, but I just don't feel it. I failed the behind the wheels test once, hopefully the next time I'll pass, and then get a car. Till then, the buses of North California will be my chariots :D.

Another thing that is troubling me of late is my weight. I'm not fat or obese, but I can feel the increase in my weight, and the love handles are pretty big. This is all thanks to 4 years of no exercise and an extremely sedentary lifestyle. I've started working out at home, I do some stretches and ab exercises, I plan to add some arm and leg exercises to my routine too. Recently I saw an ad for Barre fitness classes, it was on groupon or something like that, I'll try that out to see how it is. Something else that caught my eye was a set of videos on Youtube by Mike Chang, the videos seem legit and lots of people seem to have good reviews. I'll try it out, since they have a 60 day money back guarantee. I'd really hate it if I got muscles or something by doing this stuff; also I'm not looking to become a workout addict, just want to get into a body shape and condition where I feel comfortable and flexible.

I hope I can get time to write more stuff on here, and as the title suggests I feel like I'm now reeling in the line for the hard work I put in over the last few years in school. Life at work is definitely challenging, both intellectually and in a social context. Being a woman doesn't mean that less work is expected or you can get off easy, that is definitely a bad social stereotype. Men will definitely try to help you fit in and help you out in some things, but in the end, the company is a rational entity and you will be expected to provide your share of the work, which I'm happy that I'm doing (my first review at work was really good :D).

Well till next time then! 



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