The Red Wig Wasn't For My Husband

6 years ago

Three years ago I ordered a red wig on line. Specifically, it was a Rachel Welch “Jacqueline” wig. I had this brave idea of how I was going to use it. I had dreamed up all kinds of things I'd do and say wearing the red wig. To date, the red wig has not left the box or debuted its destiny.

The red wig was for a character I had created, Violet B. Dandee, not the bedroom. (The actual wig is completely hideous. Believe me Andre is not disappointed.) So who's Violet B. Dandee? Well, when I was a kid I loved The Carol Burnett Show. My favorite characters were Mama and Mrs. Hawiggins so I created a character based on those two women. Violet, of course, wears purple everything and snaps her gum while her big bobble jewelry flops around when she talks so much.

What was Violet B. Dandee for? When I started assembling her outfit in a plastic shoe box in my closet, I didn't really know. She was 100% complete from head-to-toe before I knew. My first idea was that she could be somebody for my YouTube videos promoting my personal branding business. But people might not get the idea that she is a spoof. So she remained in her box. I did wonder what my mother-in-law thought when she saw the red wig in a box on the top of my closet.

One day I was in the van with the kids and I was telling them I was thinking about using Violet B. Dandee as the President of the Sofia Michaels Fan Club. My kids crack me up and are part of my creative department. We had ordered my first shipment of my book Pretendia and Lexi starts into a spiel, pretending to be Violet, “I just love this book so much I bought 1,000 copies so I can read it over and over again. I started laughing so hard and knew I had found the right job for Violet B. Dandee.

Around my hometown, Middleton, WI several of my good friends get a kick out of the crazy stuff I do for work with my kids. So I had told Mark, who I coached basketball with, about Violet B. Dandee and that I had been a bit chicken to follow through with her. At the beginning of last summer, Mark was giving me a hard time and egging me on because he wanted to see these videos. I'm certain he wanted the pure pleasure of laughing at how ridiculous the videos were. See that's the problem with Violet B. Dandee. She is either going to be really funny - or incredibly stupid.

I saw Mark last week and he said, “Did you do whatever-her-name-is videos?” I said, “No, I chickened out. Violet B. Dandee is still in the box.” Mark's comment surprised me when he said, It's good to know you're afraid to do stuff too.” I was taken aback for a second, not because I was offended, but rather taken off guard. “Yep, Sofia Michaels is a chicken too.”

So now you know that box on the top of my closet calls out “chicken” to me every time I walk in there. Isn't it funny the big, or not so big, ideas we get and let them sit in our minds (or closets), never to be shared with the world. What idea have you been chicken to go with at home or work? What's stopping you? More importantly, what are you willing to do about it?


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