Recycled wardrobe

I hit a lull in my work and decided to make a post about my wardrobe.

Since I now work at a job where we need to wear business casual clothing during business hours, and all I had were band tshirts and jeans, I turned to David's sister for help.

Now, David's sister is an XL. I'm a S. This became interesting.

She had a lot of leftover clothes from when she worked at a lawyer's office, so I started there. I grabbed some button downs, a few cardigans/sweaters, and a couple tank tops for layering. We're (thankfully) the same shoe size, so I was able to take a pair of flats and some dressy going out shoes.

Some of her clothes just flat-out didn't fit me. Her boobs are huge and mine are small, so many of the shirts made me look like a 12 year old. However, she liked stretchy fabrics, so a few shirts, like a wrap-around one I'm wearing today at the office, looks pretty decent because I can tighten it to my smaller waistline. You can only tell it's big on me when I raise my arms.

Some of the button downs I was able to make size appropriate by rolling up the sleeves and belting them for kind of a cool boho look.

I couldn't wear any of the pants, so I gave them away to the Salvation Army. (That made me feel good!)

She also gave me a few dresses, which I've been able to make fit by belting them and wearing a cardigan to cover the excess flap of fabric in the back. You can't even tell unless I take the cardigan off!

All in all, it's taken a bit of creativity and almost all of the accessories in my closet, but I was able to make the majority of her clothes fit me. This really helped because I was looking at maxing out all of my credit cards just to buy a few shirts for work. And who knows, maybe one day I'll save enough where I can buy clothes that aren't 3 sizes too big!

--Sarah Jean

PS--I'll post some pictures tonight when I get home from work!

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