Recovery Room No More

5 years ago

It is amazing how a room in your house can take up a life of its own.   During the past few years one of our spare bedrooms did just that.  It became the “recovery room.”


When Alex, our cat, had his tail amputated two years ago, Marc and I needed to keep him in in a confined space.  Since most of our house has an open floor plan with minimal doors, one of our only options was to utilize this bedroom.  So when we returned from the hospital we brought Alex right up to this room.  He spent the next few weeks there while we nursed him back to health.


Then last summer, as Alex’s health began to fail, he sought refuge in this room.  He would spend day and night there.  We mentioned it to Marc’s cousin, the vet, and he told us that he felt that Alex looked at this room as the “recovery room” as well.  He thought that Alex knew that last time when he felt sick he stayed in this room until he felt better, and that he thought that Alex hoped this time the room would help him again.  Unfortunately the room couldn’t.  Alex was too old and too sick.


When it was time to act upon that very difficult decision our vet came to our house.  As we waited for the vet to arrive, Alex rested underneath a bench in the “recovery room” wiggling his little stumpy, trying to assure us we made the right choice.  When the vet arrived at the house we brought him to “the recovery room”.  Alex didn’t have to move an inch.  Marc and I lifted up the bench and moved it to the side.  We gave Alex a few more kisses and said goodbye to our special friend.


While Alex may not have recovered the way that we hoped that he would when he first entered the room, he recovered in the way that he needed.  He found rest, comfort and final peace there…


When Hurricane Sandy came, and destroyed many parts of our home, we had to relocate all of the stuff that we were as able to be salvage out of the kitchen, dining room, basement, and den.  So we turned to the “recovery room” to house our stuff.  So, in a lot of ways, this room helped us recover from the storm….

photo -recovery room

But the “recovery room” will not be the recovery room for long.  On Saturday it will have a new purpose.  A happier purpose….But a purpose that will always make us remember our sweet boy, Alex.


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