Recap : BlogHer Business '09 From The Perspective of a Live Blogger

8 years ago

As Jory Des Jardins kicked off BlogHer Business '09 on Thursday,she promised that it would be a rapid fire afternoon of case studies. She didn't disappoint. Since this was my first ever attempt at live blogging, rapid fire feels like a bit of an understatement.

Live blogging explains why court reporters learn an entirely different way of inputting data because it's humanly impossible to capture exactly what people are saying. The challenge was trying to write what someone just said while you are listening to what they are saying in the here and now and knowing that you missed something really good.

I shared live blogging duties with Mir of Woulda Coulda Shoulda who I want to say a great big thank you to for staying calm and answering all my questions.
Given the nature of live blogging I really didn't get to "hear" the case studies Mir live blogged because I was busy trying to clean up my posts. So I encourage you to read those case studies: Mir live blogged The Welcome Presentation on the State of the Social Media World 2009,The Keynote Conversation between Lisa Stone and NBC's Lauren Zalaznick, and:The Fiskars andTropicanacase studies.

I was responsible for live blogging the case studies for Allstate,Prego, and Coach. My biggest takeaway from the day was that there is no other business I would rather be in right now than social media.
Some major takeaways:

Why we read blogs: Bloggers twice as likely to turn to blogs/network for information, to stay up to date, and to seek advice as other social media users (Facebook, e.g.) are to turn to their outlets for same. Entertainment/fun also powerful motivation.

Impact of the economy: Women online report they're considering purchases more carefully (78%), spending less overall (73%). The Internet is a valuable economic resource; 62% comparing prices online more often, 48% spending more time online researching purchases, 25% report trying to buy from "companies they know." BlogHer Network community reports purchase decisions influenced by blogs (85%, up from 64% last year).

From the conversation between Lisa and Lauren:


Lisa: You once gave me some great advice -- fish where the fish are, but you don't need ALL the fish. Find YOUR fish.

Lauren: Right. Find your fish. You need the people who want what you have. There are certain behaviors at certain life stages that drive that behavior. I think people's behaviors have been magnified, but they're not that different than before.

From the case studies:
Consumers do want to interact with their favorite brands
Brands benefit when they sponsor conversations even when the conversation is not brand specific
Keep it simple.

Some others who blogged on BlogHer Business:
Down The Avenue has a post on Lisa's conversation with Lauren Zalaznick complete with a video
jill/txt offers some constructive criticism on her review of the entire day.

Elana writes about business culture at FunnyBusiness

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