Reasons why Good SEO is Strategic

5 months ago

It is time the common view of SEO being only tactical to much more valuable, as it is central to a company’s marketing efforts. While it is true that SEO does involve a lot of tactics, tools, and hacks, it is also a strategic business driver. Here are some main reasons why good SEO is strategic:

  1. It Lowers Digital Media Costs. When your company’s website ranks high in organic search results, digital media costs are literally reduced. Typically the price range is beyond $10 a click.  Having more money in the budget will allow you to utilize it elsewhere.
  2. It Provides Defense Against the Competition. Having good organic search results will take revenue from the competitors, as your site will be simultaneously gaining traffic and increasing revenue. Focusing your content to be high quality in order to gain the most amount of search possible should be one of your main strategic goals.  If you aren’t getting the organic searches, someone else is!
  3. It Impacts Branding. If your website is consistently ranked higher in search results, more and more people are going to see your brand and what you have to offer.  The more people who are aware of you, the higher your sales are going to be.  Increasing visibility should always be a strategic goal, and this need is adequately met through good Indianapolis SEO
  4. It Shows the Effectiveness of other Non-Search Campaigns.  When people are exposed to something by another form of marketing, such as a TV commercial, a touching news story, or word from a friend, they are often compelled to begin query sessions.  Because of this, search traffic can be used as an indicator of how effective these non-search campaigns really are.
  5. It Reveals Product/Service Development.  Both paid and organic search is such a large, massively focused group that can reveal a true analysis of what customers are looking for both in goods and services. In some cases, it can even reveal what people are looking for that doesn’t yet exist, or ‘invent’ products in a way.  This is an extremely valuable, strategic tool that good SEO provides.


After a review of why good SEO is strategic, how strategic is SEO in your company? By incorporating good SEO into your marketing projects and processes, you can ensure that your company will do very well both now and in the future years to come. 

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