Reason DOES not Exist

2 years ago
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Life StagesLife is a wondrous journey of complicated, fucked up shit. I can’t even begin to remind you how difficult life can be. Good Lord, you know how hard life has been for me. The good news is that Life is SUPPOSED to be difficult! Otherwise, the mundane state of simplicity and ease would have ended our species generations ago. I am sure we would have more vapidly kill ourselves off and maybe, just maybe that was the way the dinosaurs ended their time here. They may have been just too simple and at ease. Everything might have been in such perfect order that insanity broke out and unleashed a fury of madness.

Destroying them.

Our brains have to be challenged and so does our soul. We need to understand that right is right and left is left. That hot can hurt and cold can too. That touch is either indulging or extremely painful and that our hearts are made of the most precious of materials and shatter easily. We need to understand how to stand strong when we want to curl in a ball and cry and we need to learn to grit our

We need to fall on the ground and wail our discontent and to be risen up by unconditional love. We need to sit in a park and watch as time and life floats by us on the end of a cool summer breeze and we need to read books of adventure. The books filled with things we are too afraid to do and experiment with our mind the wonders of the beyond. The places that we cannot see but feel and the echo’s of the bumps in the night that even as a child we all cringe remembering. We need to delve into love and experiment with pain and understand how to suffer. Race, religion and Creed have no bearing on what makes LIFE. Those are small pieces of self imposed reality.

We are humans after all. Sacks of liquid juicy flesh strapped down with organs, blood and ideas.  We are just human when all has been taken from us and we are all experiencing the pits of Life as we step forward each day. There really isn’t a rhyme or reason for life’s roller coast ride so stop looking for it.


We know nothing more then what we are offered for education and at times, in some places that education is purely to raise warriors to instill hurt, fear and bigotry actions on the masses. We need to know and feel stomach flus and experience the pain of headaches. We need to know THAT terrifying pain of stubbing your pinky toe on the corner of a walk way. We need to hit our “funny” bone of which is NOT actually funny and both sensations are deeply unforgettable.

We need to remind ourselves not to cut our nails too short after we have already done so and that awful sensation does not go away until they start to grow back. We need to know what it is like to love and to hate. To be angry and to be sad. We need to touch on the very raw emotions that only death can bring forth and to embrace the fears of what it’s like bringing life into this crazy world. We need to know that we are a part of something bigger even if we don’t find our people or greater-ness until much later in life.suffer optional

We need to become hedonistic and act in our natural animalistic ways to understand how to be civil. We need to know the spontaneity of hunger when passing by a bakery and the sadness of our insatiable nature when stepping on a scale. We need to know what it’s like to feel like we want what other people have and to understand how grateful we are not to suffer from other peoples want.

We need to remind ourselves how grateful we are not to suffer the way others do and in that we suffer in our own way, designing a new way of being. One who missed an experience.

We create, destroy and imitate often throughout our journey here. We play pretend often and yet we call it something different when we grow older. Our Adult play pretend is just a simple way of getting through life with less scars.

metemorphise dressOr dealing with the Asshole boss who feels dictatorship is king.

We need to feel the deliciousness of sex, kissing and intimacy and know that very pain that it brings when your lover leaves. We need to feel the delicacy of our paths here and appreciate the soft steps we need to make instead of running through like scared animals breaking everything in our paths.

We need to see a child cry and offer our own compassion to help. We need to know what ice cream feels like and how giggling makes your soul float high. We need to jump into a lake and have faith that we will make the biggest splash and we need to know what it’s like to open a present. The creation of our lives and the way we are to teaching others to live is simply an over statement today. We have over complicated things to the max and now we are slowly imploding as a species. Killing each other over thoughts and forgetting our true purpose here which is to Live.

Life is experience and experience continues to remind us that we are living for this notion of reason and that is the wrong way.

Stop trying to find REASON as REASON does not exist.

Start living…..

                                                                                                                                          Until Next Time.........................

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