The Real Housewives of Orange County:Slade Ended the Party!

5 years ago

I get caught up in the Reality scene from time to time. I hope you are a kindred spirit and enjoy some snark!

Slimy Slade is out to get even this season.  Do you blame him? Vicki and Tamra have been pretty brutal.  I don’t believe in double standards, you sling it then you better be able to take it and don’t turn around and cry, “I’m girl, looks are hitting below the belt!”  I think hitting a guy about his lively hood and supporting his family is just as brutal.  Oh, and calling Tamra the Michlen Man isn’t all that bad, I would have said something like “Poor Eddie sloppy seconds, no I mean sloppy thirds well, for all we know it is only thirds? LOL” C’mon , that is funny, you know you think Tamra Barney is a tad bit slutty!

Vicki is a hypocrite!  “My boyfriend is none of your business”  Yeah, right!

Oh, Poor Brianna she has to deal with the crazy all her life but then again children have to deal with crazy all the time LOL.  I did feel for Brianna on the way to the hospital.  I am not sure if that was just pure crazy Vicki or if Vicki has become even more self centered due to the cameras?

Alexis needs to keep praying for better editing LOL.  I swear every time Alexis tries to let us know she has a brain, well, Bravo has another plan.  Oh, the plastic surgery scene, it wasn’t the best acting but I wouldn’t keep calling Alexis stupid.  Nope, she got her surgery and Doctor airtime! Big Score for Alexis! Or as, Heather Dubrow would say, “Whatever works doll!”

Which leads me to Heather, my least favorite housewife at the moment, which is odd since I think Tamra is a tramp and Vicki is a hypocrite but see, I think those women are what they are.  Heather, well, she is a bit like Cindy from Season 4 of New York City.  Boring and she wants to play it like, “Oh, my gosh, my husband and I are so above all of this.”  I don’t like people that think they are above the people that they are down in the mud with.  If you are above it then you wouldn’t join in, no matter what you claim your ulterior motive is!  If you claim to have a higher ground then you need to stay on the higher ground.  Lastly, I don’t believe an intelligent woman would sign a contract to be on a show and not research it.  Heather claims she has not seen the show; if that is absolutely true then she lacks a brain. Therefore, maybe people should be careful with labeling Alexis as the idiot housewife?

Gretchen is still my favorite! Even though she gets frustrated with the constant round and round with the ladies she knows how to balance it all.   Gretchen knows how to hold her own when necessary. She knows when to laugh at herself and she calls a spade a spade even if it is Slade.  Don’t get me wrong, Gretchen plays the game too and she plays it well! Make no mistake she knew she had to make amends with Tamra or things could go the way of New York City but I think Gretchen is a lot smarter than most people give her credit for!

Having fun with Orange County this season!

Who is your favorite at this point of the season? Who is your least favorite?


All pictures courtesy The Real Housewives of Orange County


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