Reader Questions February 2016 Part Deux

2 years ago
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 Valentine’s Day fades away and we herald in the salty, sandy, sexy Spring Break season with part two of our reader questions from February 2016.


In case you haven’t heard, although it’s fun to laugh about the subjects surrounding condoms, at Condom Depot we take safer sex very seriously. We want you to know how to stay safer as the sunshine warms bare skin and things start heating up between the sheets.


That’s why we created The Condom Depot Learning Center! Stay up-to-date on how to keep from knocking up your Spring Break dates by reading these questions submitted through our free Ask a Safer Sexpert contact form:

Q: No offence but this condom size chart is completely useless. The most important thing is getting the right circumference but it doesn’t tell you how to convert your penis circumference to recommended condom size. If for example, my circumference is 5 inches, what condom size should I go for. A size chart would be helpful.


A: As an online condom distributor, we can only provide our customers with the exact measurements of the condoms we sell. 

Penis size and shape varies greatly during the many varied stages of erections. The weight of each ejaculate also accounts for condom slippage and has nothing to do with penis size. Some condom materials can stretch more than others and some lubes are better at reducing heat from friction than others, meaning even more variables for fit and breakage.

Since condoms are life-saving devices, it would be irresponsible to assume and nearly impossible to determine which condoms are or are not guaranteed to fit specific penis sizes. Without having an advanced biomedical resource task force armed with access to condom/lubricant manufacturerinfo and accurate XY anatomical data the concept/creation of a penis to condom size conversion chart is both inconceivable and reckless.

We always recommend a condom sampler for those who are unsure of what fits them, so that many condom styles are there to choose from. Invariably, some will suit your particular penile needs more than others, leaving you with your ideal condom through a scientific process of elimination. This is also known as trying them on. Ya know, like sneakers. 

Due to your 5″ circumference, your best bet would be our Big Guns Sampler. However, we have many condom buying guides on finding proper condom fit including, “First Time Purchasing Condoms: a Buyer’s Guide.”

Q: Came across your blog. I am doing a story on this company UVeeToys. Have you seen other products like this or is it original? Want to comment? Thanks.


A: No, I haven’t seen anything like this before. Neat idea. Clean marital aids and masturbation tools are always a good thing, but I’m not sure radiation is the best way to go about sterilizing a porous object that gets inserted into the body. We stand by more traditional sex toy cleaners like our customer favorite WET Keep It Clean.

Q: Question, is there a A or G spot for men?


A: People with penises have a highly sensitive, nerve-rich area similar to the vaginal A-Spot and G-Spot which is located a few inches within the XY anus.

This is known as the P-Spot, which refers to the prostate gland. For more information on the P-Spot check out, “Probing the Prostate: Source of Pleasure and Problems.”

Stimulation is achieved either externally by exerting pressure on the perineum (the flat space of skin in between the testicles and the anus) or internally through forward angled penetration of the anal canal by fingeringP-Spot toysanal sex, etc.

Q: 7 3/4″ Length x 6 1/2″ Circumference. I’m Almost a condom virgin. But none of These seems appropriate. Any suggestions?!?


A: Due to your girth, it’ll be difficult to find a comfortable fit with FDA-approved condoms. Your best bets are Trojan Magnum Thin condoms (4.5″ unstretched circumference) or the internally worn,non-latex FC2 condom (nearly 6″ around unstretched). Both of these protect against unwanted pregnancies and STIs. I recommend trying them to see which one works best for you. Best of luck, have fun and stay safer!

Q:  Hello, I am a 24 year old guy and I need your help. I masturbate once or twice a week. Navels aroused me earlier more than anything, then their collar bones sticking out did, neck, back, then came cleanly shaven arm pits (told you it would be apalling). Its just that when its “masturbation time” i have this new urge. But i feel guilty after the erection is gone. I am sorry if you think i am disgusting; its understandable but please note that i need your opinion on this. I didnt know what else to do apart from sending a mail to you. Thanks, Pervert-in-need-of-your-help


A: Dear Please-Become-More-Sex-Positive,

First off, relax. Really. Self-made orgasms are no reason to be afraid or anxious.

Stuff like masturbation urges and erections are a natural part of your reproductive system. It’s basically your body’s way of keeping the pipes clean prior to prevent testicular vasocongestion and test functionality, not a form of perversion.

Again, being attracted to people when you are at a peak level of testosterone and then not finding them attractive sexually when your hormones are at a lower level is normal. Everyone is drawn to different body parts, even armpits, as I wrote about in, “Unexpected Erogenous Zones.”

When it comes down to it, our focus is primarily on condoms and safer sex. Therefore, I recommend you seek sex positive therapy or counseling to get over any and all bad feelings you associate with sex and sexuality.

Q: Hello Kara. Love your blogs! Ok my question is, could you please tell me what is the average mean penis length and mean circumference (whether global or in the U.S.A.)? I understand there are other websites that have answered this question but I would like to hear your opinion. To find the right condom size I took my penis girth measurement and divided it by the nominal circumference. Is my method flawed? Thank you for your time :)


A: Hi G.! Thanks so much for reading! Oh boy, the ten million dollar question– what is the average (I assume you’re referring to erect) penis size?

I’m a stickler for scientific data and consider the source of information gathered by study groups. So far, the only penis size info I’ve been able to muster up from science journals, etc. has been self-reported measurements. Hmmm. Not exactly precise, no? Especially when you account for level of arousal, clumsy measuring, impotence, ED meds, ego, etc.

Here is what I DO know:

  1.  on average, Asian condoms are one inch less around than American condoms
  2.  America’s longest condoms, the 9.25″ Durex XXL were recently discontinued due to lack of sales
  3.  the FDA ran consumer trials for American condoms larger than 4.5″ (unstretched circumference) and found an increase in condom failure rates due to condom slippage
  4.  many, many condoms labeled as (or implying they are) large, XL, etc. are no wider or longer than ones without this label
  5.  the average vaginal canal length maxes out at 4.9,” meaning the cervix has to ascend upwards during arousal to accommodate a longer length penis
  6.  the no math method to finding your erect circumference is to use a piece of string (and then a ruler) or a cloth measuring tape and to just go all the way around as discussed in, “How-To: Correctly Measure Your Penis to Find the Perfect Condom Size.”


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