Re-read redux

3 years ago


I am prompted to blog about rereading old blog posts. I absolutely do it. Furthermore, I fully enjoy it. I have yet to read an old post and ask myself, "what the what"?

But of course, that is how I think it should be.

I hear interviews with actors and they say crap like, "oh I never watch myself on screen"..."I don't like to see myself on the big screen". "I'm too critical of my work to watch myself"...and on and on...

I call bullshit. If it's your thang, then you love it. And love seeing how well or horrible you did while you were doing it. Totally just put myself in the same realm as actors and did not intend to.

UNLESS...actors are not like writers and they don't have to revisit their creations to hone the craft. Whatever...I like reading my stuff. For years I was my only fan.

Blogging has opened me up to an entire new way of emoting. It is not always written at a high level. It is not always going to change a life...or ever change a life for that matter. But it is everything to me. It has changed me and fine-tuned my perceptions and clarified my opinions and showed me how to be open to the process of free writing and what lovely little gifts doing it can bring to me and my readers. So sometimes I reread old blogs for inspiration and sometimes for validation and sometimes just for the heck of it.

I want to get all my blogs off of both sites where I blog, and print them out. I want to see the breadth of my work.  Yep, that's what I plan to do one day.

I have currently taken up the habit of writing a blog, posting it, and then checking how many reads I am getting...about every hour or so. Before I close down for the day, I reread my posting. It is an exercise in pride. It's my one time I grant myself permission to be prideful.

All those other times are because I am drunk...

This was all so serious I had to lighten the mood....

My final word on the subject is that if I didn't like the blog posting, I simply would NOT post it. It's my thing and I have Full Literary control over it. So there.

Feel free to read my blogs over and over again...I love every single reader that moves my count up by one more. It's that simple.

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