Putting It All Together: What Do You Wear for a Day In and a Night Out?

8 years ago

Recently, my mantra has become "I have got to get my act together." I've been working long hours and traveling more than usual and juggling my kids and my house, and I'm feeling a little scattered. At least once a day, I look around at the piles -- of laundry, of papers, of stuff we're too lazy to put away -- and I think, "Seriously, I have got to get my act together. But I need help."

I'm sure you know the feeling.

You can imagine how happy I am about this then: BlogHer is producing a series of five videos titled "Putting it All Together." Some of your favorite bloggers will offer tips and tricks for -- well, for putting it all together -- your house, your closet, your life.

Your hosts: Shelia of Xaolin Mama, Holly of Nothing But Bonfires, Rhoda of Southern Hospitality, and the Pioneer Woman herself, Ree Drummond -- and me! We'll also have some extra special guests on hand to help sift through the tips for -- well, for putting it all together. How crazy is that?

Super crazy, I'm telling you. And super awesome.

Anthropologie Binu's Necklace

"Putting it All Together" will look at how to define your own style -- in your closet and your home -- with practical, useful advice on what to wear and how to get organized and whatever else it is you all need help with. And we're starting by answering your most basic What should I wear? questions. Like, what should I wear today? Or tonight? How often do you stand in your closet and think I have nothing to wear? Once a month? Once a week? Every day? Are you stumped by date night or party dressing, or is it casual Friday and the carpool line that leave you stumped? Either way, we're here to help.

But first we need your help.

Style maven Sheila Dowd of Xaolin Mama will be hosting the first video in the series; she'll be joined by the incredibly fun and funny Loralee Choate of Loralee's Looney Tunes. Their video -- titled "A Day In/A Night Out" will offer tips and tricks for what to where when you're hanging out -- and when you're going out.

Sheila and Loralee are both super stylish and extra hip, but they don't have all the answers -- and that's where you come in. What do you wear for date night? Dress? Jeans? How about for a Tuesday? What tricks do you have for getting glammed up for a night on the town -- and is there a way to avoid the dreaded Yoga Pants Rut during the week?

Share your tips and tricks in the comments here, or at Xaolin Mama; we're looking to solve real women's real issues here. Have more questions than answers? Ask! I'm willing to bet that someone else is wondering the same thing. (For the record, pajama pants in the carpool line are a NO. Always.)

But now it's your turn: What do you wear for a regular day? What's your go-to for night?

My infallible dress-it-up strategy is to accessorize; jeans and a tee are a perfectly acceptable uniform for day or night, because they serve as a blank canvas -- add a beautiful necklace or some fancy earrings or a statement bag and suddenly you're ready for anything. Including the carpool line. It doesn't take a lot of bling to go from frumpy to fab -- just one beautiful piece will change your entire look. The necklace pictured here is from Anthropologie; it would be great with a tee or a LBD. I would honestly wear it everywhere, which means I can also wear my usual skinny pants and a crew neck outfit everywhere, too, because no one is looking at my clothes when I'm sporting a necklace like this one.

What about you -- how do you style yourself for a day in? How about a night out? Do you even bother if you're not leaving the house, or are you a yoga pants kind of girl at home? And do you go all out for night, or is it just too much work?

Susan Wagner writes about pragmatic fashion at The Working Closet and chic suburban living at Friday Playdate.

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