Putting it All Together: Learn from My Shoe Mistake

7 years ago

I'm a flats girl; I only rarely wear heels. I like the idea of heels, especially really high heels, the kind that make your legs look eleven miles long, but in my everyday life, there's too much running around and hauling of laundry and tossing of baseballs to make a nice pair of stilettos a viable option. Most days, I opt for ballet flats, because they're easy to wear and they go with my skinny-jeans-and-a-tee uniform and I can haul $200 worth of groceries in from my car without missing a beat.

But sometimes, even on grocery day, I want something prettier. Especially on grocery day, actually.

April 6  

dress: J. Crew; flats: BCBG

Last fall, I bought a super cute pair of argyle ballet flats, on sale! Of course when I got them home I realized that the reason they were on sale was because the print didn't match up on the shoes, and they looked ... odd. So I returned them and instead opted for a beautiful pair of turquoise-blue BCBG patent flats. And yes, even in the store I could tell that they were a little tight, but they were so pretty, and they had the cutest little silver-tipped bows on them and for heaven's sake they were flats, how uncomfortable could they be?

Agonizingly uncomfortable, as it turned out.

Every time I wore the turquoise flats, I got compliments; the color was stunning and the shoes were really beautifully made. I tried to overlook the fact that after an hour in them, I wanted to hack my toes off with a dull knife, but eventually there came a day when I couldn't take it any more. Those shoes hurt, and no amount of cute was going to change that.

I gave them to a friend. "I don't care what you do with them," I told her, "but don't give them back. They're horrible." I knew that if I kept them in my closet, I would just keep wearing them, because omg so cute! But I'm too old to torment myself with painful shoes.

(Although honestly? I kind of miss those flats. They were so cute!)

((See why I had to give them away?))

Your turn: tell me about the most uncomfortable pair of shoes you've ever loved. Are you still wearing them? Or are you just admiring them from their perch in your closet? Ree and Kelly are gearing up for the third installment of the Putting it All Together video series and they want to hear about your shoes. So dish.

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