Puppy Toy Holiday Gift Guide: Skeeter Bess Approved

5 years ago

I have never bought so many puppy toys in all my life. I don't think I've bought so many puppy toys, all combined. I know I haven't. This puppy is spoiled. She's also a puppy who likes to destroy her toys -- but she's really cute while doing it.

Since everyone I know seems to have gotten a puppy in the last three months, I thought I'd share a list of Skeeter's favorite puppy toys since I'm pretty sure you're all sucker (like we are) and plan to purchase many toys for your puppy this Christmas.

I want to be clear, these toys are not recommended because they withstand puppy play. they are recommended because Skeeter Bess loves these toys. She loves some of them so much that I've bought her ... several... because she's so sad when they're gone.

See, I'm a sucker.

I impulse purchased this singing rat while we were visiting Michelle in Philadelphia. Everyone said I was crazy because... it sings. And yea, I was crazy. So crazy that when I tossed it across the room during a game of fetch and it stopped singing, I promptly ordered her a new one. She was so sad when she squeezed it and it didn't sing.

You can find it at Deedle Dude Dog Toy Products for less than $10. (I paid more than that for it in Philadelphia, I can promise you that.)

It also occurred to me that you might want to know what it sounds like before you buy it. And yes, I did buy her a new one when the sound broke. I really did.

We've bought so many antlers, from so many different places. I can't even count how many we have but she does love them. I just wish she'd chew on those more often and leave the baby Jesus in my nativity alone.

I highly recommend you order them from ElkUSA by the pound. Much more cost-effective than individually at pet stores or farmer's markets.

We were at the pet store where we got our prairie dogs, picking up some hay and stuff, and I couldn't resist this Wild Knots Flamingo (by Kong). Obviously. She destroyed it pretty quickly but she was happy doing it.

It's a lot cheaper at Amazon than at my local pet store.

Oh look, another impulse purchase while we were killing time waiting for a kid to finish with drama or circus or something like that. Our first one was a longer version of this with all of its squeakers in one long line. It's called "indestructible" and "invincible" -- it was neither. It also wasn't worth the $25 it had been originally priced, which is why I'm glad I found it on clearance. Twice. She really loves this one. So much that if you're in a store that has these, and she's with you, squeak it and she'll come running because she's sure you've got her toy.

Indestructible dog sells it for less than $10 but do look in the clearance section of your local chain store. I've found it now, at two chains, on clearance. (Not all models, just this one and the longer one.)

And yes, one more impulse purchase. (sigh) We were at the Chalet Nursery over the weekend looking for part of a Christmas gift. The puppy was with us and she was so good, I bought her this Christmas Stick Monkey -- and gave it to her in the car right away. SHE loves it. It took awhile for her to figure out the center squeaker but she sussed it and is happily trying to destroy it now. It's been more than 48 hours and it's still in great shape -- that's great since the last two toys we gave her lasted all of 20 minutes each.

This one's pricy, everywhere I look but it's cheaper at Lola and Penelopes than it was at my local nursery.

Happy holidays to you and your (spoiled) puppy. What toys does she recommend?

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