Do You Let The Dog Sleep With You?

5 years ago

We have a puppy and we like her. She's cute. But we do not want her to sleep with us. We don't even want her to consider jumping on the bed, but she does. And that's the problem. How the heck can we get her to STOP DOING THAT? (Particularly when it seems like most of the internet thinks it's cute and that dogs belong on beds! I'm sure she's reading all of the comments on the photos I've posted and they are just encouraging her to try and try again. Gah.)

Two bed hogs

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I guess it's our own fault, since we stopped making her sleep in the crate at night. We probably never should have let her sleep on the floor in our room that night after she'd been crated for several hours while we were out. We felt sorry for her.

Because we're home all day, it was rare for her to be crated for anything other than bedtime. And bedtime crating was fine. She'd go in around 10pm and do her little beagle/hound dog singing (aka crying) for a few minutes and then settle down to sleep until around 6:00 or 6:30. It was the other, rare, crate times that did us in. Because she was so miserable in that darn crate.

Letting her sleep on the floor in our room has been fine. Really. Except when one of us gets out of bed, she sometimes often thinks that's her cue to take that person's place. Hmph. I particularly don't like it when it's MY place she's taken. TW is particularly displeased when it's her place she's taken.

Konmari Problems: early nap time

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Yes, it's totally cute. Which also doesn't help things because awwww, isn't she cute? And we'll grab the camera and take her photo while laughing and telling her to get down. Which she tries very hard to ignore.

She also has the tendency to make a game out of jumping onto the bed at other times of the day because she knows we'll chase her down. Fun for her. Annoying for us.

Konmari Problems: early nap time

A photo posted by Denise Tanton (@dtanton) on Jun 13, 2015 at 9:00am PDT

So how the heck do we keep her off of the darn bed without going back to crate training? Are we the only people in the world who don't want the dog sleeping with them?

Should Dogs Sleep In Bed With Their People?

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