Problems: Don't become a victim, Become a triumpher!

4 years ago

You know, we all have problems. Everybody has life situations they deal with, sometimes on a daily basis.

That's not a news flash. In fact, I wrote about problems nearly a year ago on my blog ApronFreeCooking. You can read the complete column by clicking here.

In the last week, I've noticed a lot of discussion about how hard things are for people:
"I'm so stressed out, how can a stay-at-home mom get it all done?"
"I'm so stressed out, how can a working mother get it all done?"
"I'm so stressed out, how can I manage to make the bills on this income?"
"I'm so stressed out, how can I manage to make the bills with no income?"
"Life is hard for me, I have an illness."
"Life is hard for me, I have children."
"Life is hard for me, I don't have children."
"Life is hard for me, I have a spouse/significant other."
"Life is hard for me, I don't have a spouse/significant other."

Do you see the theme? Everybody has a problem. Everybody is stressed out. Everybody is looking for answers. Both sides of a situation can be a problem.

I think the thing about problems that makes them so stressful, is that they are always there and always demanding our attention. The way to deal with problems is to consider the solutions and then only allow the problem the proper amount of priority in our life.

Remember, most problems are a result of actions in our lives. Maybe we made a choice that caused the action. Maybe we had something happen to us that caused that action. Also remember that you know how you got in that spot and that you know what steps you've taken to get out of that spot.

Don't allow yourself to become a victim of your problems. Take a few moments to feel sorry for yourself and have a moment of grief for your problem. That's a necessary human reaction and need. It is part of the healing and resolution process. 

Please don't let that problem take over your entire life and being. Put your problem in perspective. Look around you at the things that are going right in your life. Count the things that are good and positive about your life.

A very wise woman once gave me a bit of advice that I have taken as a personal mantra: "Those things you can control, you can control. Those things that you can't control, you can't."

Maybe something happened in your life that caused this current problem. You may not have been able to control that event.  At this point, all you can do is control your reactions to that event. Start tackling ways to overcome that problem.  Look for solutions. Take charge. Don't become a victim of your problem.

Other people have had a similar problem. Ask for suggestions on ways they overcame their problem You might hear a method that will work for you, too. Even a solution that solved a different problem might work for solving your situation.

Examine other people's problems and be glad that you have your own set. Be grateful that you don't have their problems. Keeping a proper perspective on your situation will help you over come it.

I have my problems right now. In some respects, they are big problems. Job Elimination. Career Reinvention. Family Medical Issues. In some respects, they are small problems. I know what I am going to do about them. I can still pay my bills. We have medical advisors.

I ask you to join me in not falling a victim of our problems, but overcoming them and being triumphant!


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