Pringles: A Haiku

5 years ago

Weekend lunches at my house aren't grand or fancy. They usually entail some type of sandwich, chips, and a piece of fruit. Occasionally I'll get crazy and we will have a fruit and a vegetable, but for the most part our lunches are very ordinary.

My favorite part of lunch on the weekends is the conversations that take place. Usually talk turns to politics, troubles in the Mid East, or what we can do to minimize our carbon footprint. We have highly intellectual, highly informed conversations about the day's hottest news topics.

No. Not really. Our conversations are much more bizarre. I give you Exhibit A.

My youngest was eyeing a small stack of ranch flavored Pringles on her sister's plate. My youngest had a look of complete and utter disdain upon her face.

Youngest: I love original Pringles. They're the perfect balance of salt and chip. Why would you want to mess up that perfect balance with a flavor? Yuck.

Oldest: You sound like you're in love with original Pringles. You should write a poem about them.

Youngest: I will write a poem about original Pringles and it will be amazing. Now. What rhymes with Pringle?

Me (the human rhyming machine): Single, mingle, jingle, shingle …

Husband: Kris Kringle.

A few minutes later, when my oldest and I were discussing what rhymes with sour neon gummy worms, my youngest announced that she had changed her mind and was now writing a haiku about Pringles.

Husband: What, specifically, is a haiku?

Youngest: It's a poem with three lines. The first line has five syllables, the next line has seven syllables, and the last line has five syllables.

Husband: Ok.

Youngest: And a haiku is usually about stuff found in nature.

Husband: So … not about Pringles.

Youngest: Oh Pringles are found in nature all right. Highly processed nature, but still. Nature.


And now, for your reading pleasure, a haiku about Pringles.

Pringles are awesome

Perfection of salt and chip

Delightful red can

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