The Presidential Election Made Me Quit Facebook

5 years ago

First dates and politics don’t mix. Friendship and politics don’t mix. Facebook and politics don’t mix.

I like and respect my friends…but I won’t keep liking or respecting many of them if I don’t block 80% of my friends from my newsfeed. Friends from both parties are making my eyes roll these days.

So I’m about to do something crazy: I am quitting Facebook until the election is over…and probably for a few weeks after that until the initial backlash of whoever wins dies down.

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I won’t share my candidate of choice is because it doesn’t matter. The point is that if I keep logging onto Facebook I will not continue friendships with some of my best friends.

I don’t want to hear that my best friend from childhood thinks I’m an idiot for supporting my candidate. And frankly, I find many of her political rants on Facebook to be that of a lunatic.

You are not going to change how I feel about my candidate by posting on Facebook but you will make me change how I feel about you. And it is not a positive change.

So I am taking politics out of our friendship. We don’t talk about politics when we go to dinner so why should we on Facebook?

Isn’t the number one rule of polite society not to talk about politics? Isn’t that the conversation we all avoid with family during the holidays? It puts people in a bad mood and I can’t look at my co-worker the same after knowing how she votes.

But what really gave me a reality check was that I found myself liking some of my friends more as a person because they “liked” my candidate on Facebook! This madness has to stop!

I never went full-force into name calling about the other party on Facebook but I did “like” a few of my candidate’s statuses. I have since removed all political affiliation from Facebook because it has no place in a forum where I keep up with my friends and family.

Being the typical girl in her 20′s this is going to be extremely difficult. How else will I let the world know what I just had for dinner or share funny photos of my dogs? And don’t get me started on my upcoming Vegas trip where I want to check-in everywhere and post pics.

This is going to be a sacrifice but one I find well worth it to keep my friendships intact.

Note to my personal friends: I am not deactivating my Facebook account. I am simply not signing on. I am avoiding the newsfeed so I miss out on the political commentary. Plus if I deactivate my account it won’t show that my boyfriend is in a relationship with me and I have to keep girls at bay. ;) Please “like” or “share” if you agree that the mudslinging amongst friends has to stop!

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