Preparing to go Vegan

5 years ago

Over the past few days my Wife and I have been discussing everything that we might face with going Vegan. The biggest challenge that we are seeing, is our coffee. The theme of our relationship is coffee. Our first date was for coffee. We used to go on dates just for coffee. My first birthday gift from my wife was coffee mugs, coffee grounds, and chocolate covered coffee beans. I’m fine with drinking my coffee black, not that I want to. My wife on the other hand wants cream in her coffee. I have heard that people put soy milk in coffee as a creamer. After all soy milk is thick enough for cream. My suggestion is that we start doing more tea to gain our caffeine fix. Come this spring and summer we are going to be working on a family farm, and growing our own edible flowers, herbs, and possibly tea leafs. This is going to be a big shift for the both of us.

For my wife some of the biggest challenges will be : Eggs, cheese, coffee creamer, and changing over to soy milk. She has her worries about getting enough protein and nutrients in her diet. I do not blame her. Make a big dietary change such as going Vegan from “normal consumerism is going to be tough, and possibly dangerous if we do not make sure we are eating the right fruits and vegetables. I have been doing a lot of homework since we made the decision.

My biggest challenges will be: eggplant, curbing my eating habits, coffee creamer, staying creative with cooking. I really did not like my first experience with eggplant. I tried it fried a few weeks ago, and it was just an oil sponge. Fried eggplant reminded me of a fried green tomato (something that I love in the summer time). So going back and trying eggplant again is going to be a challenge. We plant on making eggplant parmesan. I feel that I eat too much. So finding more healthy things to eat, and being excited to eat them is going to be difficult.  Honestly I will miss coffee creamer.  Probably the biggest challenge for me is to stay creative when cooking. Most of the time I am the cook. So making creative dishes at the start of going vegan may be a bit tough.

For both my wife and I this will be a journey. We at the start, I am sure will have a lot of ups and downs when it comes to our diet. The great news to our going vegan is that Earth Balance is going to help us off to a great start by sponsoring our Vegan start. This is a huge opportunity for my wife and I. Earth Balance is going to give us a few free product coupons. Tomorrow I am going to post an article talking about Earth Balance.
For anyone who is on the fence of going Vegan, make sure you do your homework. realistically my wife and I will not know exactly what we are getting into until we dive in. We can read all the books, and talk to all the people, but until we jump in we will not know how we will do. I feel that going vegan will be easier for me then it will be for my wife. We just will not know until we start the next week. Maybe I will be the one to have the most troubles with the change. We will just have to wait and find out.
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