Prayer requests for September 28

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only so, but we also rejoice in our sufferings, because we know that
suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and
character, hope. Romans 5:3-4


From the Prayer Warrior Network Group....

Posted:  Sep 28, 2008 5:14 AM
Deirdre can do many things from her cell phone on MySpace but not groups so here is her last update sent to me....

Date: Sep 26, 2008 7:04 PM

sure, there's soooo many on my friends list that I can't remember who
is in the Prayer group & who isn't..... I can also accept friend
requests from my phone.... so anyone who wishes to get a hold of me can
either message me or friend me & then we can talk. btw, Yesterday
Daniel begged me not to go thru with the divorce, & made all kinds
of promises, but I have heard all this before. He needs to come to God
on his own, not because it will make me happy or keep us married. I had
to tell him again today that we are getting divorced & his whole
attitude changed again from being sweet & loving to having an
attitude because he wasn't getting his way which just shows that this
is the right decision. He's only agreeing to counseling to appease me
& get me back into the house so he can go back to being the way he
is. It's hard, especially when he's being sweet, but I know this is
what I have to do. Just let everyone know to please keep praying for
both of us separately. Me for strength & wisdom & for him to
truly find God. Thanks again for being such a great friend, even when I
don't keep in touch like I should. Much love in Christ, Deirdre



you believe in the power of prayer, I wanted to give you the
opportunity to join with us in a prayer outreach down the Ganges. I
know this has nothing to do with Baghdad or the troops, but it's a
short opportunity for serious impact in a very needy place. If this
does not strike a cord with you then please just disregard the rest of
this, and thanks you so much for your faithfulness with the Baghdad
Prayer Patrol.

Just as we were about to send this out there was
a deadly Bomb Blast just a few miles from where we live. Another
reminder of the violent spirits that intimidate and control the people
who live in India. Please join us in "Taking the Land" through prayer
as we move out on this Ganges outreach.

We are asking
intercessors to join us in prayer as a small team of believers make a 3
day boat trip down the Ganges from Allahabad to Varanasi. There will be
worship, intercession, and outreach along this remote stretch of river,
home to 299 Unreached People Groups.

The team leaves Sunday night USA time and you can get more info at:

will need to signup for a password to access the many prayer tools we
have there for this outreach, including a slide show, live prayers from
the team, daily prayer guide, etc.

If God puts it in your heart we would live to have you join us.

Blessings from Delhi,
Wayne Dillard
Baghdad Prayer Patrol


This is in the group bulletins for reply....

pray for me, I feel like satin is trying to tear my family apart, I
have been getting angry a lot lately. I do not understand why. I pray,
I go to church, I try to keep god in my life, I am finding it hard to
do all the right things. I love God and wan't to be a child of his....

Daryl Jones

was sent to me with the need of all names kept out of it. So all names
have been removed as well as any info that could give away the
identity. Evon
Date: Sep 28, 2008 9:42 PM
I need you to put my friend on prayer chain.
has been suffering with a terrible marriage, an abusive husband, and
very bad friends... She kept trying to fix her marriage (her Christian
friends kept insisting it was what God wanted for her, she couldn't
leave, even if he was increasingly abusive to her) and in the end her
husband attacked and almost killed her... Shes been recovering, she
wouldn't reveal much detail, just little pieces... One thing I do
remember her telling me was she prayed for the day she could look in
the mirror again and not cry :o( poor thing...
I got this message
today from her nurse, I think its self-explanatory, pls read this, and
put her on your prayer chain, giving only the info you deem necessary
to ensure her privacy.
Thank you so much and I'll keep you posted...

Date: Sep 27, 2008 4:17 PM
sure that you already know that she was shot four times and that they
could not remove one of the bullets because of its location so close to
the spinal column.  The bullet shifted and she was taken to surgery
this morning at six am.  It is now six PM and a second team is going in
the operating room.  They still have been unable to get the bullet as
she keeps coding and each time the bullet moves from their efforts to
revive her.  She is worn out at this point and losing too much blood,
far too quickly.
 I am sure that she will not be too upset with my
asking her friends to say a quick prayer for her as she needs all the
help she can get if she is going to pull through. 
 I have no
desire to upset her friends I am just taking it on faith that more
prayer is better and since she trusts you or you wouldn't be on this
page I felt it would be all right to let you know.  Please do not share
her condition with the people from her page as I know that she would
not want that.
Thank you for caring about her


From: Psalm 18:2 Creations Prayer Group

Posted:  Sep 26, 2008 2:24 PM
am asking that everyone please say a prayer for me, my son, and my co
workers. I am an office manager at a furniture store, and due to fire
damages, my store has been closed, and we do not know when or if the
store will reopen. I am a single parent, and I just recently graduated
from college, but I don't have enough experience to easily find another
job. Right now I am working part time doing collections, and I have had
to ask my family to help me get winter clothes for my son. My coworkers
also support their families, and this is a very trying time. Please
find that myself and my co workers make it through this incredibly hard
time with our faith stronger than ever. Thank you for your time.
**hugs*** Lanai


From Anointed....

September 27, 2008 - Saturday







hold me up in prayer.  I have been having severe neck pain and went to
the doctor today.  He referred me to a spine specialist.  He wants me
to see him next Monday when he comes to town.  The specialist's office
is supposed to call me about the appointment but has not yet.  I have
had a problem with my neck for 20 years, but it wasn't painful until
recently.  The first time I went to an orthopedic surgeon about my back
they also scanned my neck and that's when I found out about it.  At
that time the doctor asked me if it was hurt and was surprised when I
told him that it didn't.  Today the doctor was concerned about what he
found.  The neck pain is the reason that some nights I do not work on
the prayer until really late and can't spent too much time on it when I
do.  I have been trying to basically ignore it until last night when I
got up and nearly fell over due to the pain and dizziness.  :-(

Thanks for your friendship and prayers.  You are such a blessing, all of you.  HUGZ!!




Saturday, September 27, 2008
Another Update
Current mood: exhausted

Hi All,

Sean was supposed to have surgery this upcoming week, but now his
specialist is saying he's booked until the of October/November.  Sean's
family is trying to find another specialist who is open and can do the
surgery soon.  Sean is still in alot of pain and that just seems to
long to wait do to bad he's feeling even with the medications. They
increased his pain medicine and he's sleeping more but no feedback on
him yet for it is really helping. Usually each day I just hear about
how bad he hurts. Pray for a good specialist and that Sean can have his
surgery soon and be better.  Then after he is better from this tumor
they can go back and get him strong again to focus on the other brain
tumor and start treatment again. Thank you all for your prayers and
support. It is ALWAYS greatly appreciated.




Tanner update...

I did not hear anything from Tanner's Mom yesterday and I figured that
they had a really full day, so I waited until today to get the update
over the phone on how Tanner is doing and his schedule for therapy at
the Rehab Center.

He will be going 2 times this upcoming week
for Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy. The Doctors said he really
did not need to do the Physical Therapy since he is doing so good with
moving around and his physical strength.

Tanner has a LOT of
follow up visits with his doctors this upcoming week. About 6 visits
all together. He has to go back to see the jaw specialist then to see
the Halo specialist, then to see the head trauma specialist, then to
see his regular physician, you get the picture.
So, he's got a long week ahead with follow ups and also doing his therapy at the Rehab Center.

We know you are going to do great Tanner, so just hang in there and continue to heal!

everyone know that he has a very busy and long schedule this upcoming
week and may not feel up to visits. Please call in advance if you are
wanting to visit with him. Tanner and the family will let you know if
he is available. We have a feeling that he is going to be pretty wiped
out this week from all the therapy and doctors visits and just having
to ride in the car to get from place to place.

His feeding tube
is scheduled to come out on October 20th which is a very quick
procedure. The hole that is in his throat where the trach tube was is
still open and hopefully will heal up soon. He just has the band aid
patch over the hole and it is very important that he takes it easy and
not talk too much so that it will close up as soon as possible. He is
continuing to eat soft foods and I'm sure that once his jaw is healed
and he is able to chew, pizza is going to be on the menu! He is really
enjoying chocolate shakes and lots of mashed potatoes!

Tanner, you are doing a great job and continue to amaze us all! Keep being strong and soon all this will come to pass!
I PROMISE!!!!!!!!!!!!

also remember, that Tanner is checking this Caring Bridge website, so
writing to him on the guest-book is a great way to send messages and
let him know what's up and to say Hello to him! He continues to be
amazed at how many people have been supporting him through this hard

We LOVE you TANNER! You are and have been such an inspiration to us all!

will post any updates that I get over the next few days and thank you
again everyone for all of your encouragement and support and prayers
and love that you have given to Tanner and our family! I really do
think that the big party is going to happen in the not to distant

Love and hugs to you all,
Aunt Suzi / Sasha


As for my mom, here is an email dad sent this morning:

hate to report this, since last week it appeared Ermal was doing so
well, gaining strength and feeling relatively well. But, since last
Sunday, she has gotten progressively worse. She has been bedfast since
Wednesday morning. She had developed severe congestion and cold
symptoms, and completely lost use of her legs. As of yesterday, she
hasn't been able to feed herself. I called in the Hospice nurse
yesterday and she started her on morphine sulphate low dose to help the
breathing and atropine sulphate to reduce mucus production. She is
sleeping almost constantly and I can't get her to drink or eat. I'll
confer again with the Nurse this afternoon to see what else we can do,
given the circumstances. Dr. Shah and Dr. Sekar both said they can't
provide any more chemo or radiation treatments and all that can be done
now is to make Ermal as comfortable as possible..... I'm still hoping
these cold symptoms improve and she regains her strength soon. Keep the
prayers coming for Ermal and Cameron. God Bless you all. Pete"

Thoughts & prayers appreciated.



by Jesus Freak on Thu Sep 25, 2008 6:08 pm
dear SOG Family I, come before you all. Once again asking for prayer.
There's a situation that has, come up within my family. For personal
reasons I, can't share the specifics. All I can say is that, it's a
really bad situation. Urgent Prayer is desperately needed. I/We need
God to, intervene before it's too late. I'd greatly appreciate your
prayers. Thanks for allowing me to, share my burdens with you all.



by Jesus Freak on Sat Sep 27, 2008 4:51 pm
like to ask you to, please remember Malinda in your prayers. She's such
a dear friend of mine. We're so close that we're like family. I met her
about 9 years ago. We used to go to church together. Malinda is my best
friend, in the whole world. Anyway I just got a, phone call from her.
She really needs alot of prayer. To make a long story, short Malinda is
not well. She has a history of, severe Migraine headaches. Lately
they've increased in their, frequency & severity as well.

had several trips, to the Emergency Room. In the past she's even, had
to be hospitalized. They (Migraines) are so bad. That they leave her,
literally unable to function. The doctors can't find, the source of the
Migraines. The meds they give her either, don't help at all or do very
little. Also her family needs alot of prayer. Both her parents have had
cancer. Her dad is in, remission from Lung Cancer. Her mom is in
remission from Leukemia. (sp?) In fact her mom, is still taking chemo.

just moved back to Maryland. Where she is at now, is about 8 hours
away. Right now she's living with one, of her daughters &
son-in-law. So she needs to be able to, find a good place to live too.
She amazes me with her faith. Despite everything she's going through.
She is fully relying on, God to supply all her needs. Malinda has the
most, positive attitude about everything. I'd really appreciate your
prayers for her & her family. She's supposed to call me, sometime
later in the week.

I'll post an update, when I find out more.



Update on Bonnie Holt

by Jesus Freak on Sat Sep 27, 2008 9:56 pm
Pastor Dave for the prayers. I talked to Bonnie's daughter earlier. She
had to take her (Bonnie), to the emergency room this morning. She's in
a severe amount of pain. Also she was up all, night literally screaming
in pain. The meds the doc gave her, doesn't seem to be helping much.
I'd like to ask everyone to please continue in your prayers. For both
Bonnie & her family. I'll keep you posted as I find out more.
Thanks Again For The Prayers. They're Greatly Appreciated!!


Sep 28, 2008 6:26 PM
Daughter Kimi she might have to Eye Surgey soon but the dr is gonna do
an eye musserment on her eye's on 10/28 to see if she need's stronger
vision and if they are still the same then she's gonna have to have eye
surgey on both of her eye's. More to come in October


is Eric updating again tonight. Please pray for Laney. She has been
extremely sick to her stomach for almost two weeks. She has been
nauseous and has almost no appetite. She manages to force herself to
eat something, only to vomit later. She even wakes up several times per
night and speeds to the bathroom, and this repeats itself throughout
the day. She isn't in any pain, just mild cramping. I also noticed she
seems very tired. She is barely able to stay awake and when we go out,
she tells me she has to go home and rest. It's frustrating for
everyone. We all want her to be able to live a normal life and so does
she. She's very depressed right now. She is still drinking a little
bit; She drank two bottles of gatorade and a glass of milk today.


The Prayer Sanctuary Group

Posted:  Sep 27, 2008 7:28 AM
Brothers and Sisters of the faith,
keep us in prayer...We have definately felt the reccesion. The ministry
that the Lord gave me has been sustain by this on this one word
(complete). And I am confident in this one thing, that he who started a
good work in you shall COMPLETE
it until the day of JESUS CHRIST. PHIL 1:6

We have been through the biggest finacial storm of our lives by having to file for ch.7 bankrupcy protection.
feel that we have not completed our mission. In fact, I believe that
this is part of the process for greater blessings. but (it still hurts
to feel rejected and not accepted by the family of faith concerning
this new idea that the HOLY SPIRIT inspired me to do.)
I am tired, not defeated, but tired.
I wish there was another way ...but I choose this process..and come hell or high water..I must complete the task.
body is weak, especially my stomach area. I don't have a clear
understanding of why I must suffer so much ..but I will lean not to my
own understanding but continue to acknowlege HIM.
The enemy has been
tempting me in various areas in my life that God has already, forgiven
me and cleansed me from. (does the enemy have the right to continue to
laugh at me for not accepting his offer, I guess) I just wonder how
longer must I endure this valley walk, before God moves.
It's been a
long time now and my faith is enduring but I don't know how much longer
I can endure with kingdom time kneelers,alone. I will keep my faith on
God as I could never look back, but as far as business and just does not mix well.
to much bitterness and resentment, for a lack of support.
Maybe I'll write a book on the process and is it really worth the risk.
The devil is very, very, bad and evil and does control the wealth of this economy.
For if it was not so ...Jesus would have told us.
As for me, I will continue to store my treasures in heaven where neither thief nor corruption may affect me.
Keep us in your prayers, PLEASE


Posted:  Sep 27, 2008 11:24 PM
you so much for partnering with us in prayer. We truly appreciate you
and you can make a difference! Please lift up the following individuals
in their time of need:

From Ed
Request: My mother-in-law was
diagnosed with lung and bone cancer. She is not eating and seems to be
declining rapidly. Pray that our family will be able to see her before
she is gone. As far as we know, she does not have a relationship with

From Marian
Request: Please pray for the good health of my daughter and my son who are having some health issues.

From Sue
Request: For a lady in Pekin whose 51 year old husband died unexpectedly at work yesterday. She has two college-age children.

From Kimberly
A young man from a Christian home who is a believer recently began
spending time with a horrible group of people. He now has a demonic
pressure and chemical dependency that is devastating his life. He
believes that he is beyond the love of Jesus.

From Anonymous
Request: 16 year old daughter having tests on her heart today.

From Vicki
My son who is 29 has wandered very far away from God. He has a 6 year
old boy and he doesn't want to be a father. Please pray for God's voice
to be heard once again and that his wife will come to know the Lord.

From Michael
1. I would like the ability to be a channel of God's healing.
2. I go to court for the divorce I don't want Oct. 2.
3. My mom's prompt recovery of open heart surgery.
4. Doctor to find out what is causing my stomach aches.

From Deb
Praise: Praise that our 4 & 6 year old boys were not in the basement when it was flooded with 4 feet of water.

Please pray for us as the expenses of drying out have exceeded $6000
and that doesn't include cleanup or replacement of anything. Insurance
won't pay anything.

From Evelyn
Praise: God protected a family from a tree that fell due to the flood!
Request: Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers as they go through the clean-up process.

From Myanisa
Request: I'm saved but my walk and my faith are weak. I would also like to marry.

From Kelli
Please pray for my meds to work for my depression. The Dr. keeps
changing them and they make me so anxious and unable to sleep.

From Diann
Request: Please pray for my friend and her family who are facing a very severe financial situation.

From Brandi
Request: Can you please pray for me, my husband, and our two sons - that God would lift our worries and send work to my husband.

From Pat
Request: I need prayer for me and my children about our financial situation again.

From Joan
Request: Pray for my friend who lost his youngest son who took his own life.

From Sirena
My husband's 34 yr. old sister has just been diagnosed with cancer.
Yesterday they did surgery to remove what they could and found out that
it has already spread to her lymph nodes.
Please pray for her and her husband and their 2 children.

From Cindy
Request: A man who was in a terrible motorcycle accident. He is unconscious and has many internal and external injuries.

From Nancy
My husband died recently after a very short illness, at 55 years old. I
am struggling greatly with incredible pain of missing him. Please pray
for my heart first, and my job hunt.

From Ethel
Thanks for everyone's prayers. God is so good and done so many
wonderful things. I'm carrying a heavy load right now and an unspoken
request for God's help to do right and that everything will come out
okay in my life.

From Amy
Request: 2 good friends of mine have been fired without do cause. Please lift them and their families up in prayer.

From Margaret
Request: Please pray that my house sells soon.

From Kim
Request: My mom just found out that she has breast cancer.

From Anonymous
Request: Please pray for a man in poor health and cannot work right now because of it.

Request: Please pray for my daughter. Her father just keeps disappointing her.
Please pray for me and my new husband as we are having financial problems.

From Sara
Request: Please pray for me as my sisters are treating me very poorly.
I feel so alone and unloved right now.

From Lisa
My aunt and uncle have been having marital problems for quite some time
now and my aunt thinks my uncle is giving up and going to file for

From Jessi
Request: I was diagnosed with spinal
cancer and have had surgery and radiation therapy for treatment. I just
had my follow up MRI and am waiting to hear what the doctors have to
say about it.

From Anonymous
Request: Pray for God's will to
be done in the lives of three young children. Father is seeking full
custody for the kids. Wisdom and calmness needed for father as the
order of protection and custody hearing's start tomorrow afternoon.
Mother is a drug addict and left the kids with their father one year
ago. Mother needs saved and delivered.

From Kris
Request: My wife and I desire our marriage to be stronger.

From Jeanette
My family and I are starting to rebuild our relationship with the Lord.
We have found great strength and support in our church. My husband is
currently working in a job that is really bringing down his spirits and
faith. I would like for you to pray that he may be blessed with a
rewarding job that would boost his self esteem and his spirits. We have
been searching for quite some time now with no luck. I know that God
has a unique and special plan in store for my husband and I pray that
this door will be opened soon.

From: ♡Yv♥nn3♡
Date: Sep 28, 2008 10:27 AM

am asking for prayers for Melissa. Melissa is my special internet
daughter. She has a tumor on her brain and is to undergo a special
procedure to drain some of the tumor tomorrow, Monday morning. Please
all of my special friends who truly believe in the power of prayers say
one or more for my special daughter. She has suffered so much and I
know GOD will listen. She is very special and very close to my heart.

Melissa, I am praying for you my special daughter. GOD bless you, protect you and heal you sweetie.

Thank you so much for all your prayers. I know Melissa will appreciate it.


Date: Sep 28, 2008 9:43 AM

Todays Prayer Needs....Sunday

have a prayer request~ for my boyfriend Bill who is tired of life and
is suicidal. He was hospitalized for 5 days two weeks ago, yet I see
precious little improvement. I love this man with all of my heart and
it's unbearable to see him in such pain.

Please pray for his
recovery, the healing of his mind and heart~ and I don't ordinarily ask
for prayers for myself, but I ask that you pray for God's strength in
me to help him in the ways he needs. I don't know what to do.

I thank you so much!

Peace and Love in christ Always,


love your page it's so calming and I really need it at this time in my
life for im so heartbroken without my son christopher he was my only
son he was 26 my days have tears now I must go on he is in a better
place that is GODS word please pray for me so I can be at peace he died
the 29th of july he was in a accident 1 mile from our home I stayed at
the hospital with him never left his side he came home I praised GOD
for my answerded pray his first night home his sister his best friend
went to his room to take him a glass of water and found him dead she is
only 16 pray for her it was a nightmare for us God tells us no more
than we can stand I wish he didn't have that much faith in me tell your
prayerwarriors to remember my family we need prayer.



vom groups
weekly prayer updates
VOM Prayer Update for September 22, 2008
On Mon. Sep 22 2008 at 07:34 AM David H wrote:
INDIA – Attacks on Christians Continue for Third Week – VOM Sources

VOM contacts report violence against Christians in Orissa state has
continued for the third week as Hindu extremists have refused to accept
the Maoists' claim of responsibility for the murder of a Hindu leader
in late August. On September 13, an irate mob torched a church building
in the village of Anchhla, Koraput district. In another incident, a
Christian man was killed by militants in the town of Raikia. On
September 14, 12 homes belonging to Christians were burned in the
village of Makabali. Extremists have even launched attacks on the
police for intervening in the violence. Christians fear they will
continue to be targeted, particularly since extremists have prepared a
list of approximately 140 Christians who they allege were the Hindu
leader's killers. The list is being distributed among Hindu supporters
in order to identify who should be punished or killed in case the
government fails to take action to their satisfaction. Pray that the
perpetrators of these attacks will come to repentance and salvation.
Ask God to strengthen the thousands of Christians affected by the
violence to remain steadfast in faith. Pray for full and lasting peace
in this persecution-torn region.

Revelation 2:10

IRAN – Parliament Votes to Punish Apostasy with Death – Compass Direct News

September 9, Iran's parliament voted in favor of a draft law that would
mandate the death penalty for men convicted of apostasy, a charge
frequently brought against Christians in the country. If this law
passes all stages of Iran's legislative process, male Muslim converts
to Christianity if convicted would have no other punishment than
death.. Under current Iranian law, apostasy is a capital offence, but
the judge is free to decide the penalty. Pray for believers in custody
in Iran and ask God to protect them. Ask the Holy Spirit to encourage
believers in Iran who are standing for Christ unashamedly despite the
cost they might pay. Praise God for their courage.

2 Samuel 22:31

LAOS – Evicted Families in Need, Believers Still Being Held – VOM Sources

contacts in Laos report that seven families evicted from their homes by
police early last year continue to face hardships as they relocate to
other areas. Meanwhile, eight pastors who were arrested in Udom Sai
province in March 2008, are still being held in prison and there is no
indication when they might be released. Please pray for the evicted
families and ask God to meet their needs. Pray for the families of
imprisoned pastors who are financially challenged, especially for some
of the children that have had to leave school because their parents are
in prison. Ask God to watch over and protect VOM workers serving
persecuted believers in Laos.

John 15:18-21

AZERBAIJAN – Baptist Pastor Ordered to Remain in Prison – Forum 18 News

judge has ordered imprisoned Baptist Pastor Hamid Shabanov detained for
another two months. "The judge called the latest hearing without even
informing Hamid's lawyer. This was a clear violation," Ilya Zenchenko
head of the Baptist Union told Forum 18 News. The pastor was arrested
in June following a police raid on his home and faces charges of
possession of an illegal
weapon; charges that his family insist
are fabricated. Pray for Pastor Shabanov's family and congregation. Ask
God to protect and encourage them.

Psalm 91:1-5

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