6 Ways to Raise Money for Travelling

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So, you want to travel? Sounds great! You’ll have new experiences, see amazing places, meet new people and have incredible adventures. Sounds wonderful. The only obstacle standing in your way is figuring out how to afford the trip. Though it might seem daunting, there are many creative and fun ways to raise money for traveling. Be creative. Use your resources and take the time to connect with your community. With enough courage, desire and intent you will be able to fund the travel experience of your dreams. For this target, visit famous traveler blog, where you will find a useful, interesting travel tips.

Here are six practical ways to raise money for traveling. 


A good place to start is an open source, crowdfunding website. 

GoFundMe.com is one of the best, most user friendly and well-received sites out there today. Create a good description of who you are and what you are doing in your life, why you have been dreaming of traveling, where you want to go and what you are seeking in terms of funding. A website like this is a great idea because, with the right publicity, your friends, family and co-workers can easily pop online and donate money to your cause. 

You can help publicize your funding campaign by sending out weekly emails, keeping everyone informed and up to date on your status. You will be surprised how successful a campaign like this can be. It’s so easy for people to go to your GoFundMe.com project page and donate money. They won’t feel like it’s a burden at all.


Speaking of crowdfunding, making and selling t-shirts, hats, posters and other forms of artwork is a very popular thing to do today. In fact, numerous bands, singers, writers and others offer gifts which are given when a person, group of people or organization donates money to fund your cause. It might seem silly, but it can also be really fun to make some art, design a cool t-shirt, write poetry or a really heartfelt song of thanks, give away a service that you will perform for the person who donates.


Another of the six practical ways to raise money for traveling is a fun one. Organize a concert or talent show in your community. Enlist friends and family, your co-workers and other members of your community to show off their talents. Find a spot that can accommodate your show. Charge an admission fee at the door. 





Choose spots in your vicinity where you spend a lot of time, or utilize a service often. A local pub, a coffee shop, a grocery store or coop, a restaurant, or even a religious meeting place. Ask if you can put a donation jar or box in their establishment. Put up an informative, eye catching sign or flyer. Chances are, members of your community will be very happy to help. 


Advertise yourself in your community. Offer your services in exchange for money. Walk dogs, babysit, mow lawns, rake leaves, shovel driveways, run errands. 


Organize a neighborhood tag sale that is donation based. Sell as much stuff as you can and collectively split the profits. That way, everyone wins. And you never know, your community might just want to give you what they earned so that you can have put it towards your trip. 

It’s your turn. What will you think of? Whatever you do, follow your passion and trust your instincts. Be creative. Be persistent. Most of all, trust your community. Chances are, they are just as excited about your upcoming adventure as you are. 


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