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6 years ago
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“Blogging is really about having an outlet for a specificity or passion, branding yourself as an expert in it and building a niche community with others that share it with you”.

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In part one of our series  Why Do You Blog?, we established that “Whatever your type or motivation for blogging is, your professional, committed, serious and consistent approach is the best practice for building loyal followers, raving fans, consistent revenue and brand influence”.

In part two of our series Integrated Marketing Enhances Your Professionalism, “Whatever your motivation is you need to have a personal and blog marketing plan? You need a personal marketing plan that is bold, diverse and integrated in six areas.

In part three, we delve into how using the power of email marketing and Facebook together and in tandem can propel your blog marketing and build stronger relationships with your fans and followers.

Let’s face it, the amount of email we receive daily is really numbing and much of it is unwanted, not really permission based and plain SPAM. Anytime you sign up for something online, put your card in a bowl, attend a conference, workshop, or event, expect to be ‘included’ on an email communication.

Given this, email marketing is still one of the most important ways to connect with your fans and followers and one of the most important pieces in your personal and blog marketing plan.

Why Email Marketing?

Permission based email marketing is one of the most affordable, personal, direct and effective ways to:

  • Build a loyal, permission based community that’s interested in you.
  • Grow and enhance your relationship with them.
  • Make them into advocates and raving fans.
  • Share information in an immediate, targeted, and very easy way.

One of the biggest factors in the success or failure of email marketing is building a clean, current, dedicated email database that gives you permission to email them and wants to hear from you!

Here are a few hints and tips on building your own opt-in emailing list from Constant Contact. Make sure you ask for email addresses at every point of customer contact and best to offer an incentive.

  • On your company website
  • In a guest book
  • On customer service or support calls
  • On invoices, brochures, customer surveys, feedback forms
  • At tradeshows or events
  • On all social media pages

One of the savviest blog marketers I know is David Risley, founder of the Blogmarketingacademy.com. He has been blogging as a business for over 12 years and has some of the smartest information, how-to’s and resources out there today!

Facebook Rules!

From college networking site to global communication hub, Facebook is here to stay and offers so many ways to personalize yourself and your business.

No other platform gives you a place to showcase yourself, your products, services and websites for free in the online world. With half a billion users and thousands of online communities to choose from, Facebook has brought potential customers much closer to you.

What other platform gives you the ability to show, tell, rant, rave, engage, offer, share, connect and spread, all at the same time? Facebook is bold, viral, immediate and fun.

Here are 21 Facebook Marketing Tips from Boston’s Brafton online news and content agency’s SES New York this year.

Email Marketing and Facebook Partner to Power Your Blog Marketing

“The solution to fragmentation and isolation in today’s media and social media marketing is integration”

Consider these key points for using Email Marketing and Facebook together.

  • A high percentage of your email marketing database is already on Facebook. The most common social media icon on websites and in marketing materials is Facebook.
  • Reaching people today takes multiple methods of contact.
  • It’s easy to use email marketing to deliver a direct, personal message that drives them to Facebook for engagement and connectivity.
  • Use questions, offers, surveys, images, links to get people involved.
  • Use Facebook to get new opt-ins to your email marketing list by people who see your activity and want to join your community! Invite them too!
  • Incorporate Facebook comments and status updates into your email marketing letters that drive people back to your Facebook page.
  • Always link back to others you reference, and more importantly back to your blog or website.

Email marketing provider Aweber sums it up perfectly.

“With over 901 million users,  Facebook is the largest and easiest social network. People use Facebook to connect with each other.  And consumers are used to seeing brands and businesses on the network: 70% of small businesses already have an established Facebook presence”.

One more thing..

My media and marketing world includes my website, blog, email marketing, Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and my Radio Show. This may be way too much to deal with and integrate for some, but when you get the systems in place, the ways to connect them all, and unify or target your messaging they work masterfully together.

Try starting with your website or blog, email marketing and Facebook!

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