Pop the Corn! It's a Slumber Party!

6 years ago

Oh! I am so glad you're here! Where have you all been!?!?

Well, like ya'know...I'm having a Slumber Party because everybody at my house is asleep, but I can't...so, like, click on the links below, to get dressed and eat and find out all sorts of stuff AND help me with my problem by leaving comments and just chillaxin.

I have been worrying about this problem for sometime, like forevar, and tonight, I decided  the best thing to do would be to count on my new BlogHer friends to solve it. Or at least, like, give advice. Because that's what friends are for...right?

So that's why I'm having a Slumber Party, my favorite thing. Where no boys are allowed and we can put on our PJs, bring out the big fuzzy slippers, do our hair and talk.

And...you know how chatty I am, but tonight things will be different, like RAD-ically different, OK?  Tonight I want YOU all to do the talking, because I have talked to myself about this problem, ya' know?...for over six months and I'm all talked out. Yeah..heh-heh...like hard to believe...n' stuff, but true.

So, I've ordered 25 z-Pizzas, do you think that will be enough? Have you tried z-Pizza? Super Yum...organic crust and as organic as they can make it with the rest all natural...at any rate, we don't feel badly after we eat it. So, like go here and see if you think we should order more...

So, here to get us all in the Slumber Party mood, are the
Slumber Party Girls, teaching us texting guidelines and tips.

So, like I was sayin'...I have this, like, BIG problem and it's not a stupid little teenage prob, NO! It's a big adult, grown up problem...like, well, uh...I know one of my good friends' husband is cheating on her and she, like, DOES NOT KNOW....like, so ick. But, I don't know whether to tell her or not. And, like I am wondering what you all think...

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