The Poor Loser

5 years ago

Election night was a busy night for a lot of people...

For some people it was a party, a celebration, and then for others like myself, it was empowering and productive...and by productive I mean the most productive and empowering thing I did after the fat lady sang was drinking half a bottle of Lambrusco and then spending the next hour reading all my Facebook friends posts on how they were so freakin' happy and how the right guy won blah blah blah, and then deleting them off my FB friends list...

It was truly empowering all right...delete, delete, delete.  Not that any of them will notice, until maybe, perhaps, Saturday when they get a "friend request" from me and think to themselves, "wait a minute, I thought we were friends..."  Then I'll have to explain that I might've accidently deleted them while waiting for the Ambien to kick could happen, right?  I mean, it's easy to do...take a sleeping pill, and then while you're waiting for it to kick in, go on Facebook, check out the Blogher page, and then accidently swing over and delete one of your friends--since 2009--who was celebrating an Obama win with a anti-Romney flame...

"It was an accident...really!"  Just like the time I accidently went on and accidently ordered a vacuum cleaner...a vacuum cleaner that "sucked..."  as in DID NOT SUCK!  It didn't pick anything up, at all!  It just showed up one day next to the mailbox, and my husband kept arguing with me, "why would you order a vacuum cleaner you've never heard of in the mail?"  I kept arguing with him, "I didn't order this thing" until it dawned on me...opps...Ambien.  Now I take a Benedryl...

But I'm not going to pretend last night wasn't hard...I've been laid off twice in Obama's economy, and both times surprisingly, not for "cause."  My job depends on business advertising, and as the recession has deepened, the advertising dollars have dropped off.  It's the trickle down theory, if you're a DJ on a "niche" format, the bigger stations are going to get the most advertising dollars at the best price, and then it's going to trickle down eventually (if you're lucky) to your station.  And if it dries up--say, like the Colorado River moving through a New Mexico farmland--you have a drought...and a budget lay-off. 

So I looked at Obama like I looked at my first marriage..."I already know what being married to you has been like for the past few years, and I'm ready to try someone new."  One of my friends reached out and tried to comfort me..."he had to get re-elected, there just aren't any other jobs out there..."

Don't I know it.

But there is a silver lining to all this...for the next four years, no more blaming Bush.  It's  truly Obama's mess now.


Cindy Huber

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