That Poops Me Off - Part 1

7 years ago

Dear Guy-Who-Must-Live-Nearby-and-has-a-Really-Big-Boxer-Type-PitBull-Type-Dog,

Hi. You don't know me, but I live in this teeny tiny condo. I love it here. The trees, the courtyard, the lovely open grounds on each side of the complex, the flowers that are all blooming now that it's springtime... they're all very appealing. Usually. But lately I've noticed you don't give a flying flip about any of us who live here, even if we want to use OUR YARD.


I say that because I've seen you let your dog take a dump in our yard, look around to see if anyone is watching, get a bag out of your pocket as a car goes by, pretend you are going to clean up after your dog, put the bag back in your pocket, and keep walking down the sidewalk.


I have evidence if you'd like to see it. No, not pictures of you and your dog in the act, although that is soon to come if this continues, I promise.  No, what I do have, though, is pictures of the said poop. What? You don't want to see pics of poop because it's gross? I know. I have to look at it every day when I'm out roaming in MY YARD with my lovable dog. Also, try stepping in it without knowing it because it's so old and covered in leaves, but then realizing you've tracked it into your teeny tiny condo that still has carpet because you are too broke to renovate just yet.



See, that happened to me. And as I realized I had dog poop in my condo, I thought, Well, that's one of the downsides of owning a dog. Then I realized, wait a minute! I pick up my own dog's poop every day. At least twice a day, even when she drops her deuce in my own yard! You see, Neighbor, I do that because I am a good neighbor, and I realize I share a yard with other people. You know what people are, right? People are those animals that are the same as you in some ways and different in others? They may have 2 arms and 2 legs and have running water like you, but they don't leave FECES in OTHER PEOPLE'S YARDS. Well, I realized it couldn't have been my little girl's poop in my condo, that it must have been your dog's crap, and that really started to piss me off. Or should I say it started to poop me off?



To Be Continued...


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