Pondering Sandy - Praying for All Affected by the Frankenstorm

4 years ago

I can't bring myself to do any of my home decorating or craft projects today!  I am totally engrossed in reading blog after blog from people who have lived through and/or are suffering the wrath of Sandy.  Whether we call it a hurricane, a cyclone or a tropical storm, Sandy is a bitch!!!  

(Please forgive the language, but I can't think of a more appropriate name)


Some of the stories I've read are heartwarming and touching, where people have been pulling together and helping one another.  While other stories are very tough to read as people are losing their homes and all of their earthly possessions.  Most people evacuated their homes so they and their family members are safe having made it to higher ground.  Others stayed in their homes to wait and fight it out, only to be trapped surrounded by water.  On the news we are hearing stories of tragedy and unfortunately the death toll is slowly rising.  There are inspiring stories from people who had a scary night but are safe, with their lives, homes and belongings having been spared.  No matter what the story, I feel deeply for each and every person and family that I've read about.  It's amazing that the internet and social media has given us the ability to connect on such a personal level.  

As I sit here on the West Coast, in our Southern California home, I almost feel guilty that our weather is so nice today.  It is hard to fathom what everyone in Sandy's path is going through.  While we might be thinking about what we are going to make for dinner tonight or what we will wear tomorrow, those in the storms path are mostly in survival mode... watching, waiting, wondering or cleaning up and recovering from her mess.  Many are without power, without water and the typical conveniences that we so often take for granted.  Those that have lost their homes are wondering where they will live and how they will go forward.  Some have insurance and will be able to rebuild while many others have no insurance and nothing to fall back on. 

I so want to help, but I don't know what I can do from here other than pray for those that are suffering and for those that are scared.  I pray that God meet each and every one of you where you are and help you in your time of need... that He put a hedge of protection around you and help you all through this difficult time.

Our thoughts and our prayers are with you.  If anyone needs specific prayer, please feel free to ask via the comments section.


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