Politicians give themselves raises with YOUR tax dollars! Can ONE person make a difference?

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One of my intentions for the year is to start a relevant petition, so I signed onto MoveOn Petitions and started this one!

This petition is based on having watched County expenses for education, health, roadways, senior services, corrections, police and fire services be cut to the ground over the last 4 years.

That wasn't enough for the politicians to look to constituents as they were saving tax dollars, and I watched as the already lowest paid municipal workers saw 40% layoffs, and those remaining lost over 20% in take-home pay and even more in total compensation cuts: Healthcare went from $400 employee share (Family) to over $1,000/month employee share for the same coverage.

Two months later the local politicians gave themselves a 60%+ raise (became "full time"), and subsequent raises exceeding another 20% in the 3 years since. One member spent over $250k redecorating an office (then left a couple years later).

Each Board of Supervisors member has a minimum of 2 offices, and up to 4 offices and multiple staff members to support them. Then there are the car allowances, travel expenses, meals, and the list just goes on and on,

Here's my petition!

It's time for the politicians to answer to their constituents, instead of taking away educational funds, senior and children's services, veteran benefits, and taxing small family businesses into extinction. All politician raises and compensation packages should be voter-approved.

That's why I created a petition to The California State House and The California State Senate, which says:

"Every year politicians--from City Councils and County Boards of Supervisors to State representatives and Congress--give themselves raises - sometimes they give themselves >60% raises! Not including their multiple offices, paid staff members, car and travel allowances--don't you wish YOU could give yourself a raise? Let VOTERS decide politician raises-not politicians!"

Will you sign this petition? Click here:



Is it wrong to want politicians to be fully accountable to their constituents?

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