Plethora of Pajamas in Public Places

5 years ago

A Louisiana parish, according to AP reports, is considering a ban on wearing pajamas in public.

A parish commissioner, while visiting Walmart, saw young men in p.j.s, and apparently got a peek at some private parts one would associate more with Chippendales than with Walmart’s chips and salsa aisle.

Starved for news on the lighter side, this story attracted my rapt attention and at least ten minutes of deep introspection.

My stream of consciousness – you can thank me later—went something like this: Free country, can’t legislate good taste, ACLU, lazy-put-on-some-clothes-for-Pete’s sake if you’re old enough to be potty-trained, God-given rights of the individual, improbable enforcement, don’t want my mama to have to see a dude’s dingaling when she’s buying her skim milk, my body/my jammies, public indecency, freedom of the un-pressed, holy habeas corpus, will Slankets at Safeway be next?, keep bikinis on the beach / sleepwear in the sack, democracy in action, what happens when Granny goes to market in her Maidenform bra-thong set cause that’s freedom too, pajama jeans vs. sweatpants, definition of sleepwear, slippery slopes sink ships, beam-me-up-Scotty did Captain Kirk have Star Fleet footed-jammies?

Phew. I’m so exhausted I’m going to put my pajamas on and hit the hay. Or head out to Target?

Pajamas. An issue so controversial yet so central to freedom, and in an election year. Who will be the brave journalist to poll the presidential hopefuls on this question—are pajamas in public an inalienable right?

What do you think? Pajamas in public? Or jammies only in the sanctity of the domicile?


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