Photogenic Pumpkins

9 years ago

Jack-o-lanternUnless you have avoided internet surfing this month, you've seen a lot of pumpkin photos and Jack-o-Lantern photos. What you might not know is that there are tricks and tips to help you photograph lit Jack-o-Lanterns. I've read about a half dozen of these "tips and tricks" and it seems to all come down to one thing... resist the flash! Give it a try and share photos of your Jack-o-Lanterns.

Besides the photos of barfing pumpkins and lit Jack-o-Lanterns, I've seen a lot of cute kids at pumpkin patches. I've also seen some great pumpkin shots taken by kids. Give your kids the camera, and let them do the pumpkin shooting. Pumpkins are pretty photogenic and I bet your kids will come up with some great shots. (I Know, that's an old post but I really like kids taking photos and want to see more of that. If your kids are taking photos, share the links. I'll surf, I'll comment, I promise.)

Take a peek at some of my personal favorite pumpkin photos, most have been sent to me via email, a few have been left via comment and a couple I've just stumbled upon while surfing.

Look at all of the pumpkins, from Tea & Cookies.

From And the rest is history, how adorable! (Go to this blog post and actually click the first image to expand it. Seriously - gorgeous!)

If you've got a great pumpkin photo, share it in the comments. There's no such thing as too many pumpkin photos.

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