PERFECTLY IMPERFECT......The Art of Imperfection.....

I don't know about you.....but I can drive myself crazy sometimes.....trying to be Perfect, but now a days I spend my days trying to be Imperfect........If you had met me a few years back  you may have caught me chasing the minutest dust particle around the house  with the broom or   me busy keeping the sparkliest windows in town......If I saw a streak on my windows out went the ladder and I was out there cleanning them regardless of the weather.....That may sound a bit extrreme and it might be but I think how it all started was from the very Imperfect background I came from....

I grew up in sort of a disorganzied enviornment...nothing was quite organized and we were always moving around from house to house......I think my sense of trying to make things perfect was due to the fact that my childhood was way less than perfect.....So why not....Create the perfect world....And I did for a long time.....Till I realized how much work it took to be Perfect all the time....

 Back then I made sure I dressed perfect and looked perfect. Any job I had I had the perfect outfit with the perfect shoes with the perfect hair...I spoke perfect.....and my car always sparkling clean.Even when I bought my first car for $75 I would go out and shine and wax it nearly everyday.....It didn't matter that it was an old 65 Chevy I was still determined to make it look perfect anyhow....

I tried to be perfect in my relationships.....Trying to be the perfect wife, perfect Mother, perfect everything.......Everyone was reaping the benefits....except for me.....At one point it simply was too be Perfect.....I wore out......

Being Perfect wasn't the same as being happy......It seemed the happiest people were sort of Imperfect and very comfortable with it....I started studying people that didn't have perfect houses, perfect cars, perfect relationships, or perfect anythings......What I found is that overall these people at least seemed pretty content.....

So began my journey of Imperfection...I have to say it wasn't easy at all....Resisting chasing the dust around the house.....It just drove me crazy in the beginning as I simply wanted to get the broom out and sweep away the smallest crumb on the floor....But I resisted day in and day out....

I let my hair be imperfect some well as allowed people to see me even when I had a cold....I let people see me imperfect.....I no longer had to be perfect to be loved....I simply had to be myself.....I think my imperfections began to endear me to others whereas my perfections pushed them away.....

So here I am today....Imperfect....and simply enjoying it....Simply being Me.....and realizing truly there is no one out there who is perfect....only people pretending to be.......


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