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5 years ago

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Perfect Moment Monday, a bloghop that began in 2008, is about noticing a perfect moment rather than creating one. On the last Monday of each month we engage in mindfulness about something that is right with our world. Everyone is welcome to join. To participate in Perfect Moment Monday:

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What was my perfect moment? I'm going to tell you with the help of my children, Reed and Tessa.


My turn first because I'm the youngest. I'm 9 and my name is Reed.

It was a warm and sunny Saturday morning and I had a flag-football game. We were late getting there (thanks, Mom!) so I ran right onto the field as soon as we arrived. Oh, yeah, I stopped to put on my hula skirt.

My team started on defense. On the second snap, I saw in the eyes of the guy I was covering that he was gonna go wide. Sure enough, he did, but I was so on top of things that I PICKED it. I leaped and the ball was in my hands -- my very first interception! Not only that, but I ran it in to the end zone for 6 points.

You shoulda heard my mom. I was kinda embarrassed but kinda proud. "Yay, Reed! THAT'S MY SON!" You woulda thought I'd just won the Heisman.

My league doesn't keep score, but the players do. My team ended up winning 42-0.

I like being the source of my mom's perfect moments. Sometimes I get mine from her, too.

Now I'll turn over the mike to my sister, Tessa (she's 11).


Right after my brother's game, we hustled off the field to have a quick lunch. We drove to MY game and were on time (thanks, Mom!).

My team is new and we're still figuring out the basics of the game and how to play together. We're lucky during a practice if we can get a string of 3 or more volleys. It was no surprise that we lost Game 1 badly to the Orange Shirts.

One thing I do well on the court, though, is serve. So I was hopeful by Game 2 when I rotated to that position that we could make up the score gap.

(You can't even see my lightning-fast serving arm.)

My first serve goes right to the other team's center court. Two Orange Shirts lunge for it but not before the ball hits the floor. Point!

I draw back again and serve. This time the ball goes to the back corner. They must have thought it would be out because they let it go, but it stays in. Point!

On my third serve, the Orange Shirts return the ball, but my team is able to volley back and we score again. Point! A fourth serve leads to another point.

And a fifth goes over the net, two Orange Shirts lunge for it and both miss.

Boom! The ball hits the gym floor and the crowd goes crazy. I can't believe I made all 5 shots!

Me and my mom jump up in the air, her in the stands and me on the court, both giving a thumbs up to each other. I hear her say, "Yay, Tessa! THAT'S MY DAUGHTER!" It was a perfect moment for both of us. And we won that game!

Now what was your perfect moment? Scroll back up to the top to see how you can play along.


Lori Lavender Luz writes regularly at about parenting and living mindfully. Her book, The Open-Hearted Way to Open Adoption will be published by Rowman & Littlefield and available in mid-2013. She lives in Denver and on Twitter she's @LavLuzThe next Perfect Moment Monday event will begin October 29.

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