Perfect Examples of Bad “Mommy Blogger” Pitch Emails

5 years ago

I posted this originally on my blog Robyn's Online World and many found it very interesting to see actual examples. I'm sharing here on BlogHer now as well

I get a lot of emails with pitches from companies to do different things. Some are great, some stink, and some are in the middle. Normally I just delete anything I’m not interested in or reply – if it was sent directly to me – saying I’m not interested. The other day though I received the following email and I honestly was flabbergasted at how perfect of an example this was of a bad pitch.

awful pitch email Click to enlarge for easier reading


To start the subject line of “Mommy Bloggers Wanted!” is offensive to many – “Mommy Bloggers” is actually a term that is going out of style quickly. A more appropriate term would be “lifestyle blogger”. Then once I opened the email I see that he has sent this to many, many recipients – and using just the TO: field even – ugh (that’s the large black bar above). This is a firm that represents brands? He then goes into stating that “we realize blogging is a full time job” but then offers nothing in terms of recognizing that it is a JOB and payment – at least of some kind – should really be considered. I happened to be at the Type-A Parent Conference when this came and shared it with several other bloggers – everyone rolled their eyes. I thought about making a post about it (like this) but decided to let it go….that was until today when I received a second email of the same type from this firm for a different brand.

awful pitch 2a Click to enlarge for easier reading


Once again he (same guy) starts out with “Mommy Bloggers” and again sends this to a ton of people using the TO: field (I just cropped it out this time since it was even larger than the first email). He continues in the email using “mommy bloggers”, “mommy gurus”, and “mommy consultants”. Again he includes that they realize blogging is a full time job, but only offers a chance to possibly win a prize for your full time work. Hmmm, do you think he may or may not get a paycheck at the end of the day? Not to mention the typos in that particular email.

I just could not help but share these two emails with you. Obviously, I have crossed out the agency and brand names. There is no way I am going to promote them in any capacity. If you are new to blogging, this is NOT the type of email you want to respond to even. If you have been blogging for a while I’m sure you have been rolling your eyes reading these examples. If you are a brand or PR and are sending out anything like the above emails please stop now!


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