Peace of Mind!

6 years ago

You know, so often I only pop on here to complain.

Well, today I have decided I needed to share a Good Day!

Today, we flew to Sedona!

It was a GOOD DAY!!

People were pleasant.

They smiled.  They joked!

Heck, I even needed to put my watch in a strangers container VERY QUICKLY before I got scanned and mostly likely DETAINED for setting the scanner off! I turned to the guy behind me and said, “Do you mind if I put my watch with your stuff, mind has slid through.”

He answered, “No problem, you go right ahead.”

The Flight attendants were in GREAT MOODS.  Cracking jokes, even one Flight attendant cracked a joke that was very funny about Alec Baldwin!

I sat by a very nice lady.  She chatted enough to be friendly but not too much to be annoying!!

We took off on time and landed 25 minutes early.  Oh, and the flight attendants joked, “Hey, could you pass on to others that we got you here early because we know you love to let everyone know when we are late.”  And, they laughed.  You know, they had just the right amount of sarcasm with joking to not tick off the customers!!

The blue skies are beautiful!


My dog was VERY WELL TAKEN CARE OF and that makes any animal owner happy, right?  Blackie, our dog, stays on a farm while we are gone and the lady just loves animals.  She is so good to Blackie and she even sends us home with pictures of him AND homemade food.  She loves to cook organic and she does it for the dogs too.  Nothing like knowing your dog eats healthier than you LOL.

So, today WAS  a Good day!

Now, don’t get me wrong we had a few hiccups.  The ‘kids’ were a little a grumpy because they chose not to go to bed because we had to leave for the airport at 4:00 am (heck I got up at 2:30am,yuck).  Therefore, they got this bright idea to just stay up.  Not a bright idea LOL

Oh, and when we went to pick up my car they informed us their credit machines were down and they wanted cash.  The car was there for 36 days.  That is a lot of cash and not something you always have handy.  That was a little upsetting and we were a bit tired and hungry so that young lady got a little grumpiness in our reply but I am focusing on THE GOOD, so THE GOOD, she gave us a $65.00 discount, WOOHOO, now that is a GOOD THING!!!!

In the Grand Scheme of Things……

I have my husband and two children with me in my FAVORITE place!!

We are making plans to hike and check out some fun Sedona Entertainment.  I think Golfing is on the agenda and maybe a Casino night?? The Casino is located on a nearby Reservation and we have heard GOOD THINGS about it.

So, I thought I would share some Happy Thoughts with you instead of all my VENTING moments.

How has your day gone?  Mostly a thumbs up?  Or unfortunately a Thumbs down?

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